Kikes Demand Meme of Emma Gonzalez be Shut Down on Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2018

The kikes are raging that Twitter hasn’t done more to shut down free speech, particularly around their new sacred fetish: the Parkland crisis actors.

The skinhead (nonracist) 56 percentcess Emma Gonzalez filmed a thing where she was ripping up a shooting target and someone memed it up into a gif of her ripping up the US Constitution.

Pretty clever I would say.

You would think that even some kook gun-grabbing nutjob would be able to say “yeah, okay, that’s pretty clever.”

But no.

Instead, they are calling this “an attack” and demanding it be shut down.


After Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma González spoke during Saturday’s March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., images began to circulate online of the teenager ripping up the U.S. Constitution.

As the image bounced around among self-professed NRA supporters and alt-right figures, a college professor alerted people that the image was, in fact, a fake. Don Moynihan, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, tweeted the doctored image alongside the original photo, which showed González tearing up a gun target poster.

Yeah, because I’m sure a lot of people thought it was real.

In his Twitter thread, Moynihan pointed out that the account that originally tweeted the doctored image had been suspended, but the tweet itself had accumulated over 65,000 retweets. What’s more, the original account was likely a bot, demonstrating Twitter’s shortcomings in weeding out fake and misleading news and images.

That latter point is especially notable since just last month, Twitter announced that it would be using a variety of tools to protect the students from Parkland and use anti-spam tools to “weed out malicious automation.” In speaking out against gun violence, the shooting victims have endured online abuse and have become the subject of conspiracy theories. Yet the speedy and vast proliferation of the fake image of González indicates that the social media giant is still struggling to keep up.

Twitter did not immediately return Fortune‘s request for comment.

The original image of González and the gun target poster was from a video produced by Teen Vogue, which accompanied an op-ed written by González called, “Why This Generation Needs Gun Control.” Teen Vogue’s Digital Editorial Director Phillip Picardi tweeted about the doctoring of the image on Sunday. “The fact that we even have to clarify this is proof of how democracy continues to be fractured by people who manipulate and fabricate the truth,” he said.

The fact that you feel the need to clarify that that was shooped is proof that you are stupid.

Because everyone sharing it, I promise you, did not think it was real, in the sense that she actually was filmed ripping up the Constitution.

The reason it was popular, and powerful, is that it gets to the actual truth of what these crisis actors are pushing for. They are pushing to destroy the Constitution. There is no way you can do gun control without undermining the founding principles of this country.

And the truth that is in the meme is what the kikes demanding “shut it down” are trying to shut down.

Why Hasn’t Twitter Shut It Down Harder?

The entire kike media is demanding a hard shutdown of everything.

This Gonzalez meme was not “racist Neo-Nazi white supremacy” – though it was a very good meme, it was pretty boomer-tier in its message. Gun rights is one of the last things that the boomers are willing to stand up for, after having broken on race, feminism, pornography, homosexuality, etc.

And theoretically, Twitter and the rest of the tech companies should be happy to oblige and shut down this last place where normie conservatives are willing to stand-up, and thus make social media a purely safe space for Jewish propaganda.

The problems with that are multiple, but these are the big two:

  1. The complete shut down of all dissenting speech is going to be a huge problem for profits. Not only will you be getting rid of users, but you will make the liberal users themselves more likely to stop engaging in social media (Twitter in particular), as a big part of why they do it is that they enjoy the arguing.
  2. Regulations are getting closer and closer. More and more people are now demanding government regulation of the tech industry. If you banned everyone who is against gun control, you would have an entire new group of angry people demanding they have their rights restored.

There was that big scare where Twitter said they were going to shut everyone down back in December, and then they didn’t really. They shut down Jared Taylor and a couple others, but a lot of relatively big Alt-Right accounts are still operating. Clearly, they are concerned that the consequences for leaving this content up are less than the consequences for taking it down.

At this point, I want to see everything banned from everywhere, so that people will start making more noise and give the Trump administration the impetus it needs to start regulating tech. We need an internet bill of rights. These companies are all monopolies, and they are controlling the entire public discourse.

Trump should have already done this. Because all of us being banned from Twitter and Facebook is absolutely going to affect the midterms.