Kikery Comes to Utah: 13-Year-Old Mormon Girl Tells Church She’s a Dyke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2017

The LDS couldn’t hide forever.

At some point, this gigantic hooked-nose covering the country was going to cast its shadow on their little “Little House on the Prairie” enclave.

Magic underwear can’t save you now, you poor bastards.

You should have shut down the TV, seceded, passed laws like the ones Brigham Young supported… you should have done anything to stop this disease…

But you didn’t.

And now it’s already happened.

You poor, dumb sons of bitches.

Consider this God’s revenge on you for Mitt Romney.

A 13-year-old Mormon girl who came out as gay during a church service had her microphone turned off by church leaders mid-speech.

Savannah revealed her sexual orientation before a packed church in Eagle Mountain, Utah in early May, saying “(God) did not mess up when he gave me freckles or made me to be gay.”

In a video reportedly captured by one of Savannah’s friends, she is shown confidently addressing the crowd.

She said: “I do believe he made me this way on purpose, no part of me is a mistake. I do not choose to be this way and it is not a fad. I cannot make someone else gay and being around me won’t make anyone else this way.”

The brave teen also stated her desire to have a partner and family in the future and said she was not “a horrible sinner for being who I am.”

Her microphone was cut a short time later, when she was called on by a church leader sitting beside the pulpit and was asked to return to her seat.

Her mother, Heather Kester, said her daughter was passionate about coming out in church to be a voice and example for other LGBTQ children who struggle for acceptance within the religion.

Ms Kester asked that Savannah’s full name be withheld to protect her privacy, according to the Associated Press.

Mormonism aside.

This is the worst sort of twisted derangement.

How on earth can a thirteen-year-old be “gay” – even if you believe this is a “born this way” concept?

When did she get her first menstruation?

Last Thursday?

Because that is what signals the burst of hormones that make a human female from a non-sexual being into a sexual being. A prepubescent child is non-sexual. Also, even if she did get the cursed bleeding syndrome early – some girls get it at 11ish – she is still in the throes of a great transformation, hormonally. She does not yet have fully developed breasts, meaning the adolescent hormonal spurt is still ongoing. Meaning that she is not capable of processing her sexual drives.

When I was a kid I knew of or at least heard stories of teenage boys jacking each other off or jacking off together or whatever. I assume that similar barbarism goes on among young girls. This is a raging hormonal period.

The whole concept of a homosexual adult is that he preys on teenage boys who are confused sexually because of their raging hormones. That was the whole issue with this priest scandal (something that is even worse among orthodox Jews, but for some strange reason gets talked about a whole lot less).

So even if you believe in this sort of “born this way” doctrine, it is absurd to claim that a person of 13 is capable of understanding what is going on with their sexual behavior. Unless, of course, you have a bunch of hooked-nosed kikes telling them this, and overriding the influence of their parents, their church leaders, and every other natural and healthy influence on them.

How can this possibly be taken seriously, by any serious person?

Beyond just the sexual hormone stability – which doesn’t really happen until your late teens – your brain isn’t fully developed until you’re 25.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be considered a responsible adult before 25, but I’m just throwing out that biological fact here, to put in perspective how deranged this “adolescents can make life-changing decisions about deranged sexual behavior” actually is.

“Born This Way”

I think the mainstream American church made a big, stupid mistake when they claimed that “being gay is a choice.”

I think at the time they made that claim, it definitely was not a “choice.” I think it was mainly the result of sexual abuse, and to a lesser degree, hormonal problems. Obviously, you don’t choose to be sexually attracted to something. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s the sort of absurd nonsense that modern Christianity is defined by.

They sort of set the stage for not being able to defend against this phenomenon at all by making that initially retarded claim.

Of course, this girl, based on looking at her, IS choosing to be “gay.”

She’s doing it because it’s trendy now, all over the TV, everywhere in every media.

But the reason that people are not “choosing” this is because the church screwed up so horribly in fighting the initial eruption of faggotry.

Before the trendiness, these are the reasons people were gay:

  • Men: Sexual abuse as a young child or adolescent which redirected their sexual drives in the wrong direction
  • Women: Fear of men due to an absent farther, abusive father, abusive step father, sexual abuse, etc.
  • Both: Hormonal imbalance, either environmental (various “endocrine disruptors) or because of birth defects (probably also caused by the environment, things the mother was exposed to while pregnant and possibly even the father’s sperm being deformed)

So those are the real life reasons.

Instead, the church ran with “these people are all personally deciding this and that’s a sin.”

That was so stupid – just on the face of it – that it allowed for the faggot agenda to take over without real resistance.

So now you do have people like this rebellious little skank “choosing” to be gay, because they’ve been brainwashed by kike media to think it’s cool – kike media that was allowed to exist because the sickening Christian retards of the 80s and early 90s refused to mount a real defense against homosexualism.

Anyway, that’s where we are now.

And I hate to tell you this, but their’s only one way to cure this problem, and it’s going to involve a lot of tactics that are going to make a lot of people very uncomfortable.

The thing is, this has gone too far.

Due to the decisions of idiot boomer Christians and their “gay is a choice” gobbledygook.

And now we don’t have any other choice.