Kikebook Hiring 3,000 to Bolster Thought Police Army

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2017

Shown above is Kikebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg!

The evil Jewish run enterprise known as Kikebook announced that they are hiring another 3,000 people to bolster their thought police army.

Fox Business:

Facebook is cracking down on potential instances of what it calls “hate speech” by adding thousands of employees to delete offensive posts, the company announced in a blog post Opens a New Window.Tuesday.

“Our current definition of hate speech is anything that directly attacks people based on what are known as their “protected characteristics” — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or serious disability or disease,” said Richard Allan, Facebook vice president of public policy for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “There is no universally accepted answer for when something crosses the line. Although a number of countries have laws against hate speech, their definitions of it vary significantly.”

The Menlo Park, California, company says it mostly relies on its nearly two billion users to report any hateful posts they see. Workers then review the posts and decide whether to delete them.

Facebook will hire an additional 3,000 people to its community operations team to aid in efforts to review posts that could violate the network’s standards, Allan added. The company already has 4,500 employees dedicated to reviewing reported content.

The blog post said that, while deleting posts deemed offensive to others “can feel like censorship,” Facebook is working to improve its filtering processes and maintain transparency about its standards. Allan added Facebook is “experimenting” with technologies that could eventually help to automatically filter offensive language.

So apparently 4,500 people policing wrong think wasn’t enough to censor all the hate? lol

This is good. We need to flood Kikebook with so much hatred that they’ll be unable to enforce their own policies. They would not be hiring more people unless Internet hatred was on the rise. It shows that we are winning. People are getting sick of political correctness and censorship.

We need to get to the point where Kikebook could hire 6,000,000 people to police their user base and it would not be enough to stifle the hate. Sites like Kikebook need to be trolled with as much hate and disinformation as possible. Kikebook is only as valuable as the data that their users put into it. That’s the Achilles heel of these social media sites.

It is interesting that they are looking at developing some way to automatically filter certain language. They’re fighting a losing battle with this. The thing that made social media sites cool when they first sprang up in the 2000s was the fact that allowed a free exchange of ideas. They’ve completely forgotten this. The end result is that they no longer have the cool factor they once had.

The fact of the matter is that the coolest thing on the Internet today is Neo Nazi White supremacy. There is nothing these Jews can do about it either. The more they censor it the cooler it will become!