Kids’ Mental Health Suffers Because of Lockdown’s Virtual Classes, CDC Reports

“All of your friends are on the other side of the screen.”

No one seems to be particularly concerned about the obviously life-long effects that this lockdown is going to have on the children being raised in it.

We are looking at a generation of neurotic, broken, mentally ill people.

We’ve sacrificed these kids because boomers were afraid of the flu and women really like rules from the government.

Study Finds:

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been the information source many Americans trust the most. The agency now has a new message for parents and school districts alike — get kids back in classrooms now. A new CDC report finds virtual learning is more damaging for a child’s mental health than in-person instruction. Along with their findings, officials also rolled out new safety guidance they say will help schools “open and remain open.”

In a CDC survey of over 1,200 parents with children between five and 12 yeas-old, researchers reveal students only learning virtually during COVID score worse in terms of physical and mental well-being. Virtual learners and their parents had noticeably higher scores on 11 of 17 stress indictors. These measure everything from child mental health, to physical activity levels, to parental emotional distress.

Of the 1,290 respondents between Oct. 8 and Nov. 13, 2020, nearly half (45.7%) said their kids were only learning online. Just under 31 percent were back attending in-person classes and 23.4 percent of students had a mix of the two. Additionally, the vast majority of respondents (92.9%) said their children attend public schools.

There is still no explanation as to why the kids are not in school. Anthony Fauci, the master of reality, says they shouldn’t be in school, but his own studies say they should be.

In Europe, they have lockdowns that are more extreme than in America in most ways, but they let the kids go to school, because every study shows that they do not get sick from the alleged virus.

Even the CDC itself has arbitrarily changed the social distancing rules, with Fauci claiming to have a study, making it easier for schools to open.

CDC officials are also easing up on the strict guidelines for public safety in school buildings. Along with the report, the agency updated their recommendations regarding social distancing among students.

The CDC now says three feet of space between children wearing face masks is enough while in school. Officials still say these buildings should be instituting a full mask mandate, but six feet of space in not necessary for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. The agency does recommend more social distancing in large areas like lobbies, auditoriums, and cafeterias.

It is likely that they will somehow use this as an argument to vaccinate all kids. They’re already talking about that, so they’ll just add “it’s the best for the kids’ mental health” as an additional reason.

The new irate Jewish boss of the CDC is really going to compel women, as she teams up with Anthony Fauci, to insist that children are also in desperate need of experimental gene therapy injections, despite the fact that there is virtually zero risk of children getting the disease, according to their own information.