Kharkiv: Klitschko Pelted with Eggs, Masked Gunmen Open-Fire on Russians

Daily Stormer
March 10, 2014

The Ukraine is Russia.

The Jewish boxer Vitali Klitschko, who played the lead role in the Jewish coup which overthrew the democratically-elected president of the Ukraine last month, was pelted with rotten eggs when he attempted to give a speech in Krakiv on Monday.

In the same city, Pro-Russian demonstrators were open-fired on by masked men.

From RT:

The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized western governments and media for turning a blind eye on alarming incidents in Ukraine, including a gun attack on a pro-Russian rally in the city of Kharkov.

According to eyewitness reports, some seven or eight masked people drove a mini-van to a Saturday rally in central Kharkov, which was demanding a regional referendum on whether it should follow Crimea’s suit and seek joining Russia.

The men armed with bats and handguns ambushed three activists, who were returning from the rally.

“They threatened to kill us. I covered my head so they hit me on the hands. We barely realized what was happening,” one of the victims told Live News tabloid.

The attackers fired several shots in the scuffle, wounding one of the pro-Russian activists in the back. The injury was not life-threatening.

The aggression is one of several incidents, which, according to the Russian foreign ministry, are overlooked in the west. It also cited the detainment and deportation of seven Russian journalists from Ukraine over alleged biased reporting.

There is also the blockade of border travel for Russians living near it, which was recently reported by the Ukrainian border guard service. The service said it banned some 3,500, including 16 journalists, from entering the country, which amounts to about 500 people each day.

“The shamefaced silence of our western partners, rights groups and foreign media is baffling,” the ministry statement said.

It is now looking like the Western Jew powers are capitulating to Russia with regards to Crimea.  However, as things continue to heat up in several Eastern cities, more pressure is being put on Putin to take action to defend the citizenry.  And with guns being fired, it is going to be hard for him to deny aid to the people.

Though it might not lead to a world war, a Russian liberation force in Eastern Ukraine would almost certainly result in some form of open conflict.  Remember, Blackwater is already there.