KFC’s Fake Chicken Nuggets Get Bad Review

It looks like Bill Gates is lying about this fake meat thing.

Steve Cuozzo writes for New York Post:

KFC is the latest fast-food giant to claim that “plant-based” chicken can taste as good as the real thing — but the chain picked the wrong faux fowl to make its case.

The chain’s supposedly long-awaited Beyond Nuggets (six for $7.99) are beyond awful — worse than KFC’s near-flavorless real-meat chicken tenders.

The fake chicken from within KFC’s new offerings come from Beyond Meat, a rival to Impossible Foods, which created the famous Impossible Burger. The idea behind offering artificial chicken at KFC is to “democratize plant-based protein,” according to Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown.

But this bogus bird would not fool a 7-month-old experiencing solid food for the first time.

I wanted to taste the thing separate from the hype — and from the oily, over-seasoned, “eleven-spiced” breading that scorched my tongue like a blowtorch. After some work, I managed to extract the miserly, vegan morsel that seemed glued inside its nugget. Once freed, the spongy, solid matter did not taste remotely like real chicken, much of which doesn’t actually taste like chicken these days, thanks to factory farming and antibiotics.

It also didn’t taste like something experts have spent two years developing. It tasted like seitan, the wheat-based gluten bomb that for decades has been a go-to among vegetarians as a meat substitute.

Which is to say: It tasted like nothing.

Yes, there was mouth feel — the salty, crisp-and-mush blur that’s soothing when you’re the last customer in the bar at 2 a.m. But the ersatz nuggets aren’t anything you’d want to consume sober or in daylight.

I’m really against factory farming and antibiotics, but I’m not really sure they affect the taste. Especially if you’re talking about KFC, where it’s all fried.

I’d also have to say that even with the antibiotics (and more importantly the unmentioned hormone injections), animal meat is still healthier than this stuff they’re putting out.

It’s going to be hard to force this fake meat on people. Or, you’d think it would be.

It’s pretty obvious that they’re going to start blaming all these vax deaths on meat. Then they will claim that other people who don’t eat meat are having heart attacks because you eat meat.

Also: when they start making this stuff out of insect protein, it will taste better. That’s just a fact.