Kenyan Communist Barack Obama Gives Speech to Implicitly Criticize Trump

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2017

The Kenyan terrorist Barack Hussein Obama otherwise known as Barry Soetoro should be exiled to Kenya under the guise of anti-terrorism laws. Surely there’s a provision somewhere that would allow for this!

The Kenyan Communist known as Barack Hussein Obama is back in the news. Apparently the eight years he spent destroying the United States of America was not enough for him. Obama now feels it is time to give speeches implicitly bashing Donald Trump’s presidency.

While he didn’t specifically mention Trump, it is obvious that the tone and delivery of his speech was directed at Trump and his supporters.

What’s interesting is that Obama delivered his speech the exact same day the neocon terrorist George W. Bush gave a speech echoing similar themes. It is hard to believe that this was a simple coincidence. Trump’s presidency is a total repudiation of the last 16 years of policies that both Obama and Bush helped implement. It looks like they’re both a bit angry about it.

Remember Trump’s inauguration speech? From a high level he said that everything they did was stupid. He was not wrong either. They probably didn’t like him calling them out like this.

But going back to the Obama speech, it was mostly the same crap we’ve seen before. The only thing of note were the attacks against Trump. It’s obvious that the only skill this homosexual terrorist has is appealing to people’s base emotions using empty and meaningless rhetoric. This is someone who can speak for hours and not say a single thing of tangible substance. This irritating style primarily appeals to stupid White women, homosexuals and non-Whites.

Unfortunately, it is doubtful that we have seen the last of Obama. Despite the fact that he was involved in a criminal conspiracy to destroy the country, he is still free to promote his terrorist ideologies. He’ll definitely be giving more of these speeches.

Maybe he’ll start maintaining a lower profile if some of his chief underlings get arrested. His people were obviously involved in an effort to sabotage the incoming Trump administration using all sorts of underhanded and illegal tactics. Let’s hope all that gets flushed out so we start seeing less of this evil Black bastard.