Kenya: Doctors Perform Brain Surgery on Wrong Patient

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2018

Your typical African brain surgeon.

Let this story be a life lesson to everyone who reads it. Allowing Africans to do any type of surgery on you is he worst possible idea imaginable.


Staff from nurses to the CEO have been suspended at a Nairobi hospital after the wrong patient underwent brain surgery.

One patient needed surgery for a blood clot on the brain, the other only non-invasive treatment for swelling.

But a horrifying mix-up of identification tags saw the wrong man operated on, reports say.

The doctors did not realise their mistake until “hours into the surgery”, the Daily Nation reported.

They then realised “there was no blood clot”.

The patient who was operated on is recovering, the hospital says, and an investigation is under way. Regulators have demanded a report and plan to hold a hearing.

Social media users have expressed shock that such an incident could have been allowed to happen.

So not only did they misidentify the patient, but they failed to realize that they fucked up until several hours into the surgery.

Despite the shock expressed by people on social media, it is really not shocking at all. When you let a group of individuals who have IQ levels around that of a primate conduct surgical procedures, you should not expect a great result.

Take for example this African surgeon who just got out of work. He seems to think that it is perfectly proper to conduct surgical procedures with a machete. I personally disagree with this view.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that African surgical techniques leave much to be desired. Based on this story and others, there is definitely room for improvement.