Kenya: Black Farts, The Smell is Pretty Foul

Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

Oh, good, you’re in here. Look, something just happened, so stop whatever it is you’re doing right now and read below.

Some black farted.

And it smelled terrible.


A heated debate about market stalls was disrupted by a foul smell and furious finger-pointing at a Kenyan regional assembly on Wednesday, local reports say.

“Honourable Speaker, one of us has polluted the air and I know who it is,” Julius Gaya reportedly told Homa Bay county assembly.

But the member he accused of farting is said to have replied:

“I am not the one. I cannot do such a thing in front of my colleagues.”

We cannot continue sitting in an environment that smells bad.”

Yet the smell is said to have subsided before any such sprays were found, allowing the debate to continue.

I’m grateful that the BBC keep us posted with news about blacks farting. I can always count on them to provide an accurate glimpse into the current state of Africa.

The smell must have been pretty bad, too, considering most blacks already smell like wet camels in a zoo without farting.