Kentucky Stormer Book Club Hassled by Antifa with Business Owner’s Support

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2017

I don’t get around to peruse the Book Club forums much, but I cringe when I see you guys flaunt security culture.

Don’t post meetups in public threads, and vet everyone you invite. Use private threads to talk specifics. It’s a pain in the ass, may leave new recruits unfairly shut out for a while, but it is important. Especially if you are getting together for leisure and socializing rather than prepared to fight. These Jews and retards have literally nothing better to do than read everything you write, then come and try to attack you for daring to have dinner and talk about books at a restaurant with your friends.

In Kentucky, a meeting by some comrades was heckled by local Antifas, the media, the local police department, and the business owner of the Louisville pub, “The Irish Rover.” Thankfully, one comrade was wise enough to bring his knife for self-defense, so these Jews and drug addicts took their anger out on the other patrons in the establishment instead. The fact that the bar owner may have been in on it and willing to put all of his customers in danger shows he is a dangerous clown and his business must be boycotted.

Here is eyewitness testimony on what transpired from a Stormer in attendance:

We were there for around an hour. At the Irish Rover in Louisville Kentucky, at a Book Club meeting.

I was looking at my menu and noticed someone had placed a cake unto the table. It was the typical “Follow your leader” picture. I look up to see a petite nerdy Jewess with an antifa shirt on and a star of David, followed by a horde of bizarre leftists. So I take guard by the table, in order to defend my comrades since I had a knife with me. I stood that ground until the manager told the antifa to leave so that we could pay. I received remarks about my Rhodesian army shirt, about how they all deserved to die and such.

I was waiting any minute to be stormed, I then noticed that Scott Reynolds of Wave3 news was there recording us. He admits that in the video, he is the gray haired and blue eyed gentle man. I waved to him in the video. He was there, with the leftist. So I have to believe he was in on it and/or aware of it. The same goes for the restaurant. The IGD article admitted that the restaurant was aware that antifa was going to do this.

The antifa were making it very difficult for people to leave, that were simply going there to eat their meals. They approached random people, and told them who we were in order to convince them to join in. These people got up and left, clearly ruining their meals with their families. We managed to get out and take cover, before getting to a vehicle to arm ourselves in order to escape. Seeing as they had people follow us and drive around. The police were aware of this, and simply did nothing. We witnessed a patrol car simply drive past us.

Even in deep red Kentucky, the police are apathetic when mobs of Pepsi-Revolutionaries try and physically bash people with ideas Jews disagree with. They see us as politically expedient, especially since arresting Left-wing terrorists means dealing with the headache of the (((National Lawyer’s Guild))), a pro-terrorist media, and their rich parents. This is the new normal in Weimerica, the police almost nation-wide will only step in when it looks like the Antifa are losing – defending your rights and safety is squarely on your shoulders so always be ready (within the fullest extent of the law).

It’s important to keep tabs on your local Antifa groups as well. Know who they are, where they organize, and who they’re in league with. It’s additional work, but worthwhile.

As our movement continues to grow by the serious exponentials we’re currently seeing, this will cause the Antifa reactionaries to become more desperate. They know we’re a coming together as a serious political entity and they’re trying to cling to their morale after some crushing defeats. We are an existential threat to the power structure they serve.

The Stormer forums are mostly open to the public, so stay keen and be smart.

If you’re not already in a Book Club, find one or start one now.

Also, if your unsatisfied with the services at The Irish Rover, you can leave them a review on Google, Beer Advocate, Zomato and Facebook.

You can also give them a call: (502) 899-3544