Kentucky: Man Charged with Harboring a Vicious Animal After Murderous Pit Bull Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2017

I recently wrote an essay endorsing the genocide of the pit bull race of dogs.

Now we have a man being charged with “harboring a vicious animal” after a festive Christmas Eve murder-mauling by his evil dog.

Fox News:

A Kentucky man has been accused of harboring a vicious animal after a Christmas Eve pit bull attack in which a woman was killed and her husband injured.

Bell County deputies determined after an investigation that the two pit bulls who “savagely attacked” Lorriane Saylor, 66, and her husband in Arjay Sunday morning belonged to their neighbor, Johnny Dale Lankford, 42.

Johnny Saylor manged to shoot the dogs afterward, killing one of them. The second dog, which was shot in the chest, ran off and wasn’t found until Monday afternoon, when deputies were notified that the dog had returned home. Deputies and an animal control officer put down the dog.

These dogs can take a bullet in the chest and stay on the run for a day.

Imagine that.

Lankford was told of the charge at the Bell County jail, where he is being held on separate charges of assault, domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and an outstanding warrant. Those charges were brought in connection with an arrest Friday.

Records show Lankford was still locked up Tuesday in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Saylor died after suffering massive injuries to her neck, face and shoulder in the attack, WYMT-TV reported.

Johnny Saylor was attacked when he stepped outside to look for his wife.

“They had my brother halfway out the door, chewing on his arm,” James Saylor told the station.

He said he distracted the dogs long enough for his brother to run back inside and grab a gun.

Deputies said the Johnny Saylor shot the dogs with a .22 caliber pistol.

He was bitten on his head, arm and hand.

So, does this guy deserve these charges?

I’m not sure.

Everyone knows that these dogs are vicious and can attack humans at any moment. Because they were bred specifically for bear-baiting, a popular sport in Shakespearean England.

After bear-baiting was banned, they were used to fight each other in the popular sport of dog-fighting.

I assume that everyone who purchases one of these dogs knows that it is an inherently violent dog, indeed it is the nigger of dogs.


That having been said, I know a lot of people who own pit bulls and believe the standard lies about the nature of this evil dog-race. They believe “oh well, yes, they are often violent, but if you just love them, they won’t be.” Which is of course a coal-burner argument. But it is still the mainstream argument.

And coal-burners are not charged when their pets kill people. Maybe they should be.

So I’m torn as to whether or not this man deserves to be charged because his nigger-dogs killed someone.

I think this is ultimately the government’s job to regulate these animals, and it is shocking that they do not do that.


To kill someone with a gun you have to use it. Blaming guns for gun-crime is not a comparison here. This man did not tell the dog to kill this woman. In fact, there are many different dogs that will kill someone if you tell them to kill someone but that will not ever kill someone randomly.

Any of the dogs that are bred to be guard dogs are capable of killing someone if its master sics it on someone.

A doberman is twice the size of a pit bull and is capable of ripping someone’s throat out with just as much ease. So if someone owns a doberman and tells it to kill someone, that is the same as shooting someone.

Owning a pit bull is like owning a gun that is designed to float out of your house and shoot your neighbors randomly.

And this situation is like if the government allowed you to buy guns that are designed to float out and shoot people at random, while there was an entire industry claiming that guns that are designed to float out of your house and shoot people at random are not really dangerous.

So: you tell me.