Kentucky Couple Placed Under House Arrest for Refusing to Sign Self-Quarantine Paper

There is no advantage to getting tested if you aren’t sick or are not forced to for work or travel reasons.

Millions of people are asymptomatic carriers of this benign respiratory virus. There is a good chance that you are one of them. If you are, you should avoid letting other people know.

There is no reason to extend other people an invitation to involve you in their paranoid breakdown, and attack you for being part of the plot against them.


A Hardin County couple is now on house arrest after one of them tested positive for COVID-19 and decided not to sign documents agreeing to self-quarantine.

Last week, Elizabeth Linscott got tested for the COVID-19 because she was planning to visit her parents in Michigan.

“My grandparents wanted to see me, too,” Linscott said. “So just to make sure if they tested negative, that they would be OK, everything would be fine.”

After testing positive but without showing any symptoms, Linscott said the health department contacted her and requested she sign documents that will limit her traveling anywhere unless she calls the health department first. She said she chose to not sign the documents.

 “My part was if I have to go to the ER, if I have to go to the hospital, I’m not going to wait to get the approval to go,” she said.

But Linscott said she would take necessary precautions if she needed to go to the hospital, like letting workers know she has recently tested positive for COVID-19.

A couple of days after she denied signing the Self-isolation and Controlled Movement Agreed Order, Linscott said the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department arrived at her home without warning. Her husband, Isaiah, was home.

”I open up the door and there’s like eight different people,” he said. “Five different cars and I’m like what the heck’s going on? This guy’s in a suit with a mask, it’s the health department guy and he has three different papers for us. For me, her and my daughter.”

The couple was ordered to wear ankle monitors. If they travel more than 200 feet, law enforcement will be notified.

“We didn’t rob a store, we didn’t steal something, we didn’t hit and run, we didn’t do anything wrong,” Elizabeth Linscott said.

These vestiges of old thinking have no place in our new society.

You are now a prisoner.

This is an extreme case today, but it’s something that could happen to any of us and likely will in the not too distant future.

They are making an example of this couple, to try to send a message to the rest of society: “do what you are told, don’t ask questions or you will be punished in bizarre ways you were not expecting.”

The coronavirus lunacy has the goal of breaking our will. They are getting us accustomed to having no choice in what happens in our lives and having no recourse when something happens that we do not like. They have framed it as the worst crisis ever, an invisible enemy that is killing everyone. Anyone can be an ally of this enemy by not doing everything they are told exactly when they are told to do it. If you are an ally of the invisible enemy, you support killing random people, and no punishment is too harsh for such a fiend as thee.

The chance to stand up and fight this was back in February and March, when we were telling people to stand up and fight it. People made the decision not to, either because they believed in the virus or they thought we were insane, pushing something extreme that couldn’t possibly happen in real life – an endless virus regime.

Well, here we are.

People have accepted this new reality, they have adapted to it, and the government and media now have all of the new powers that this entails.

This is never going to go away.