Kenosha: This is Worse Than Minneapolis, This is Your Doom

The second night of “clashes” happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday night, and it was a real mess.

“Kenosha” is presumably an Indian word, but it sounds like something out of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The media is reporting “clashes,” but Fox is the only big site that’s including the video of what’s actually going on. From what I’ve seen, on TV, CNN won’t show this stuff.

Fox News:

Police and protesters in Kenosha, Wis., clashed for a second night Monday following the shooting of a Black man that touched off civil unrest similar to that in other cities across the country.

Officers deployed tear gas in an attempt to disperse a crowd outside the Kenosha County courthouse. Gov. Tony Evers deployed 125 Guard members to the city in an effort to prevent the kind of violence and vandalism that occurred in the city on Sunday night.

Multiple fires were reported across the city late Monday night. Stephanie Haines, a reporter for TMJ4, reported that downtown Kenosha is filled with smoke.

The unrest continued overnight, as video appeared to show a car dealership in Kenosha being looted, while others stomped on cars and pulled down street lights. Earlier, a furniture store was looted and set on fire. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections building was also reportedly set on fire.

Several businesses in the city’s Uptown district were ablaze by 1 a.m., which one New York Times reporter called “Just a horrible scene.”

In another video, a protester was allegedly heard arguing how: “the value of property has nothing to do with the value of life.”

An 8 p.m. curfew was imposed and exit ramps off Interstate 94 from the Illinois state line into Kenosha County were closed Monday night, blocked off by police vehicles and trucks in some places.

Protesters chanted “No Justice, No Peace,” minutes before the curfew went into effect and ignored orders to go home. Some officers were targeted with water bottles and other objects but it was not clear if anyone was injured.

The anger comes after the shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man who was shot multiples times Sunday during an encounter with Kenosha police. Officers were initially called to a domestic dispute. At one point, Blake leaned into an SUV with his three children inside and an officer fired several shots, reports said.

Blake was hit in the back and hospitalized in serious condition. The encounter was captured on cellphone video.

Tensions flared anew earlier Monday after a news conference with Kenosha Mayor John Antarmian, originally to be held in a park, was moved inside the city’s public safety building. Hundreds of protesters rushed to the building and a door was snapped off its hinges before police in riot gear pepper-sprayed the crowd, which included a photographer from The Associated Press.

These journalists tend to whine about getting pepper-sprayed, but men with press written on their vests have repeatedly been caught engaging in rioting.

Maybe the thing is that when you are in the middle of a riot, the energy just takes over your body, and you can’t help but join in.

A bunch more stuff happened in Kenosha.

A black pulled out a gun and pointed it at Elijah Schaffer, saying that was what he is planning to do to the cops.

The looting was some of the most desperate we’ve seen yet, as the peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters who just want police reform were seen attempting to break into a boarded-up convenience store.

Cars were smashed at random.

Buildings were burned at random.

This really is the civilization-ending ultimate doom that was warned about in the 1960s when blacks first began getting uppity.

As always, the real force behind the riots and looting in Kenosha is white women, who are egging the blacks on, demanding they destroy everything that white men built as they seek to get revenge on their fathers who are the reason they are so unhappy, allegedly.

Until white women are muzzled and/or raped to the point of pregnancy, they are going to continue to use every possible opportunity to harm white men. They will accuse us of rape, they will divorce us, they will take our children and our money and property, they will ally with the blacks and burn the bitch down.

These blacks out there are simply a tool of the Jews, the Democrat Party, the federal government, the media and white women.