Kenosha is Way Worse Than Minneapolis – We’re Already Numb to Violence and Destruction

Back in May, Americans were still a people who could be shocked by a violent uprising burning down cities. We are no longer those people. The violence no longer shocks us, so we appear to be paying increasingly less attention to it.

The Kenosha destruction is worse than the destruction that took place in Minneapolis. It’s just not novel any more.

Imagine all of the buildings burned down in the last few days.

We posted dozens more clips in previous articles earlier this week.

Here are some interesting photographs.

This is the new standard of violence and destruction, and the next riot hotspot will be at least this bad, probably worse.

That’s what we’re seeing now – it started with the entire country rioting, now we have “hotspots” and “flare ups,” as the violence perpetually escalates. There is no end in sight.

Look at these people who had their small businesses burned down.

A 70-year-old man was beaten by the mob for attempting to put the fire out.

This week, the rioters also, again, marched through middle class suburbs to engage in mass harassment.

It’s hardly even relevant, but it’s now confirmed that the good boy who was killed was reaching for a knife. He was also a sex offender, and a woman called the cops on him because he was trying to break into her house.

There are currently calls to have Tucker Carlson fired for his opening monologue Wednesday night, wherein he vaguely defended Kyle Rittenhouse.

Fox News made the rare decision not to upload the monologue to YouTube, but in this bootleg upload, you can see it at the beginning.

Those calling for him to be fired appear to be angry that he is blaming the Justice Department for this situation. It’s funny how all of these people end up defending the Justice Department and its FBI, even as they condemn local cops as the most evil creatures on the face of the earth.

Among all of this destruction, there is only one thing that is likely to get a response from the Justice Department, and that is the self-defensive shootings of poor Kyle Rittenhouse, a goofy kid who just wanted to protect his country.

That crazy skinhead black bitch in Congress became the first national politician to accuse Rittenhouse of being a “white supremacist terrorist.”

The DoJ will come in with the “civil rights” crew. He crossed state lines after all, goy.

Oh. And this.

This will get a DoJ response.

Speaking of God’s chosen people…

I’m actually not sure if either or both of them are Jewish or not. They both appear to be.

It would be poetic and highly appropriate.

“Rosenbaum” technically can be a gentile name, by the way, so you can’t jump to conclusions.

Huber actually looks much more Jewish, physically.

The third man who was shot and didn’t die also has a common Jewish name and common Jewish appearance.

Antifa usually wear masks, so we very rarely find out who they are. When we do find out who we are, we generally find out that if they are not homosexuals or women, they are Jews. Jews are 2% of the population, and probably make up 40% of Antifa. This is because Jews hate white Christian civilization.

The organization was founded as a Jewish organization, and earlier this year, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz went so far as to say that any criticism of the behavior of Antifa is “an attack on Jews.”

So, figure that one out.

Let’s end with a palate cleanser.