Keith Olbermann Calls for Immediate Arrest of Jared Kushner

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2017

Strange days are here.

The liberal figure Keith Olbermann, who used to be on TV show but now has a YouTube show produced by GQ Magazine, is calling for the arrest of Jared Kushner.

He cites the statutes that the Jew Kushner has violated with his shadow-crawling Jewish sneakery – the punishment for which is life in prison.

He also notes that though the Jew Kushner is trying to blame his secret plotting on General Michael Flynn, Gen Flynn did nothing wrong and this is all a Jew plot.

I fully endorse Olbermann’s assessment, and I believe Trump should too.

All of this Russian conspiracy nonsense can now be pinned on the Jew Kushner. If an investigation is opened up into this Jew, it will no doubt reveal ties between him and the anti-Trump Jews and perverts/traitors plotting the downfall of Donald Trump – Schiff, Clapper, Comey, McCain, Schumer, et al.


I’m actually serious about the Olbermann video.

He’s saying something here that no one else in the liberal media is saying, presumably because he’s just on some YouTube channel and doesn’t have a Jew producer making sure he doesn’t say this.

The Jewish media crucified Gen Flynn for something way, way less than what Kushner is being accused of, and yet no one in the Jewish media is calling for Kushner to be fired. Even Schiff himself didn’t try to condemn him on Sunday. McCain hasn’t mentioned it. The media is talking about it, but they are talking about it in the context of a larger Trump conspiracy.

Olbermann is the only one who – like me – is putting this on Kushner himself, and naming him as a subversive foreign agent.

But he’s not an agent of Russia.

And in the situation where Kushner gets thrown under the bus, Russia walks away clean as daisies, because Kislyak himself – according to the mainstream story as reported by WaPo through the supposed leaks – was taken aback by Kushner’s proposition of a backchannel using Russian equipment from the embassy.

The Only Reason the Jews Aren’t Crucifying Kushner

Look, there is obviously in-group preference among Jews to a degree that we don’t even have the ability to understand. If you have siblings, imagine the bond you have with them, and then realize that Jews feel that same sort of bond for every other Jew on the planet.

HOWEVER – they would throw Kushner under the bus if they needed to. They have done this to other Jews before. They have even killed other Jews in terrorist attacks, such as that on the King David Hotel.

So the protection of Kushner goes beyond simple ethnic preference.

The only conceivable reason that the coup/impeachment plotters are not raising a fuss about this is that Kushner is working for them as part of their conspiracy to bring down Donald Trump. There is no other reasonable possibility.

Keith Olbermann is saying what every other liberal media outlet would be saying if Kushner as not himself a part of the anti-Trump conspiracy. Olbermann doesn’t know this because he’s out of the loop, just a disgruntled loser on YouTube. But I think he’s going to get a call after this video.

Also, Cory Booker

Speaking of YouTube leftists being disconnected from the mainstream narrative, we’ve also got an interesting Kushner-related video from The Young Turks.

After noting that Cory Booker – who I believe will almost certainly be either the 2020 nominee or the VP candidate – refused Sunday to say Kushner should have his security clearance revoked for attempting to establish this backchannel with Russia at the Russian embassy, the TYT research team dug up the fact that Kushner has given a bunch of money to Booker and Booker actually attended his wedding to Ivanka.

Of course, Cenk misses what is going on here, and simply says that “this is the problem with establishment progressives and their donor system.” This is the wrong analysis, but it is the only analysis a liberal can reasonably make.

What is actually going on with the Booker situation is not that he is personally involved with Kushner, it is that the entire establishment that he represents – the same people trying to destroy Trump – are involved with Kushner.

Cenk also says it looks like Kushner is working for the Russians, which – one more time – is nonsensical because – according to the official WaPo account – the Russians themselves were suspicious when Kushner tried to set this up.

No Explanations Here

There is no conceivable explanation for why Kushner – before the inauguration – would be at the Russian embassy attempting to establish a back channel with the Kremlin. There is no purpose that this could serve before the inauguration.

I can see Flynn thinking it made sense to call up Kislyak after Obama placed those new sanctions and be like “look, we’re going to deal with this, don’t worry.”

And in fact – other key point in all of this coming at you right now – the fact that he would need to make such a call shows that there was no collusion. If there had been prior collusion, the Kremlin would know Trump was planning on removing the sanctions, and wouldn’t need a call from Flynn to assure them. That is a point that no one anywhere is mentioning, even though it undermines the entire Schiff-Schumer-Clapper-Comey-McCain kookspiracy narrative.

But while Flynn’s call is understandable, Kushner going in December – a month before the inauguration – to the embassy to try and set up a back channel – allegedly to talk about SYRIA – is completely insane.

This is from the original WaPo report on the Kushner meeting at the embassy:

“How would he trust that the Russians wouldn’t leak it on their side?” said one former senior intelligence official. The FBI would know that a Trump transition official was going in and out of the embassy, which would cause “a great deal” of concern, he added. The entire idea, he said, “seems extremely naive or absolutely crazy.”

Yes, it does seem extremely naive or absolutely crazy – if you believe Kushner is actually working for Trump, and not a Jewish plant trying to destroy him. In which case, it need not be naive or crazy.

But of course, no media will suggest that. Olbermann and Cenk are the only ones even seriously discussing the issue, and they connect it to the Trump conspiracy. Fox News and other right-wing media are also making out like Kushner is an agent of Trump, and so are defending him. Fox News recently published a goofy and pretty obviously fake (presumably given to them by Kushner or maybe Cohn) “leak” saying that yes, the embassy meeting was real, and yes, Syria and a back channel were discussed, but it was actually Kislyak who proposed the back channel.

This is an obvious hoax. There is no way the Russians would want Trump officials going in and out of the embassy – these comings and goings being monitored by the FBI – to use a Russian-controlled back channel which, even if the communications were secure, the fact that they were being made would bring all types of heat on the Trump administration, which we are told is the opposite of what the Kremlin wants, given that we are being told Trump is their agent.

What I Think

What I think has happened here is that Kushner was always a plant and quite possibly married into the family for this purpose. He was told by his kinsmen that if he could get Trump going along with the program, then he could run the show. However, if he couldn’t get Trump going along with the program, he would then be tasked with ensuring he got impeached.

The Russian meeting and attempted back channel set up was part of that planned exit strategy.

After the attack on Syria on April the 6th, it looked like Kushner had brought Trump in line. He changed all his policies. The media and the Schiff-run anti-Trump coalition went silent on the Russian conspiracy theory.

Then, five weeks later, he fired James Comey and then met with the Russians. So it was determined he has to go. The Russian conspiracy talk was reignited in full, and a special counsel appointed to lead an investigation that will eventually result in the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Kushner is now working to make this happen, because he failed to bring Trump in line.

That is what I think is going on.

But of course, I have no way of knowing the details of any of this. But these are the only conclusions I can logically draw from any of this.

And this is why I think Trump needs to throw Kushner under the bus. If he does that, and opens an investigation into him, the investigation will lead to his connections to the entire conspiracy apparatus trying to stage this coup against him.

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