Kazakhstan: Race War Between Kazakhs and Minority Group Leaves at Least 10 Dead

Daily Stormer
February 12, 2020

Let’s hope they make it to Sweden as quickly as possible

Not a lot of media outlets are reporting on this new victory for diversity, for some reason.


At least 10 people have died and dozens have been injured in reported ethnic clashes in Kazakhstan.

About 30 houses and 15 commercial properties were destroyed during the clash in Masanchi village on Friday.

Ethnic Kazakhs clashed with members of the Dungans, a Muslim group of Chinese origin, reports say.

Both Kazakhs and Dungans are Moslem orientals, virtually indistinguishable from each other by looking at them…

…and they still can’t get along, at all.

Kinda makes you wonder why it’s supposedly a good idea to flood White countries with every sentient simian on the planet, and why that’s somehow supposed to work out.

People who have very few differences between one another slaughter each other on a daily basis, but wild and severe diversity involving everyone from Filipinos to Somalians is our greatest strength.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said the area was “under the control” of the police and national guard. Officers arrested 47 people.

Fighting occurred in a number of settlements in the Kordai district between local residents, Mr Tokayev said at a press conference.

Mr Tokayev instructed security agencies to prosecute those spreading hate speech, “provocative rumours and disinformation”.

Arresting people for meanspeak, huh?

Baby you can Kaz my Stan any time you like.

I guess Kazakhstan has freedom and democracy after all.

Although at least when there are actual race riots, they have an ostensibly logical reason for enforcing freedom and democracy.

Footage posted to social media on Friday showed scenes of young men, some armed with clubs, marching along the road of a village with buildings ablaze on either side, AFP news agency reports.

A driver who takes passengers from Kazakhstan’s border with Kyrgyzstan to the Kazakh city of Almaty said Masanchi had been blocked off.

“It is calm. But you can’t get there now. The police and the army are there,” he added.

Information Minister Dauren Abayev claimed the incident had been sparked by an “everyday confrontation”. He added the bazaars (markets) had been closed in Almaty.

I think I just realized how diversity is our greatest strength.

When any minor scuffle between two people can lead to massive brawls and riots, you have to keep in shape or else you won’t survive.

Diversity is our greatest anti-obesity campaign!

Do you see any fat people here?