Kavanaugh Crucifixion Completely Backfires, Republicans More Fired-Up Than Ever Before

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2018

I predicted thith.

I predicted thith.

I predicted thith.

It is exactly what I said, and now we have the data.

The FBI totally cleared Kavanaugh, and now the Republicans – all of them, not just the base – are more united and fired up than ever before.

Basically, by creating this entire shitshow, the Jew-Democrats did the opposite of what they were trying to do, and ensured a huge turnout in the midterms.

This is what happens when you never learn to meme. You end up meming against your own self.

McClatchy News:

They are getting outraised. They are struggling in suburbia. And their top guy is dividing America. But suddenly, five weeks from Election Day, Republicans are seeing tangible evidence of a spike in GOP enthusiasm that has eluded them all cycle.

“It’s got to be Kavanaugh,” said Republican pollster Robert Blizzard, coming to the same conclusion as GOP operatives nationwide: the Democrats’ efforts to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are backfiring with Republicans who were previously apathetic about the midterms but are now angry—and engaged.

Conversations with pollsters, strategists and party officials reveal that Republican voters are circling the wagons around Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee who has been accused of sexual assault, allegations he strongly denies. And now, there are concrete signs that the drama over his confirmation, complete with emotional Senate hearings and an FBI supplemental investigation, is helping Republicans close an enthusiasm gap with Democrats, which has been one of the GOP’s biggest challenges of the last two years.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s low-dollar donations over the past week are up 175 percent compared to the same time period the previous month, NRCC communications director Matt Gorman said. He added that the average donation total is up 111 percent, and that the committee has raised 194 percent more overall in the last week, again compared to the same timeframe the month before–all signs of grassroots enthusiasm.

Indeed, the nomination fight over Kavanaugh appears to have jolted a wide range of Republican voters, including both women and men, Trump loyalists—who are now remembering that they voted for him in part because of the Supreme Court—and Republicans who don’t like the president.

Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster working on several Senate races this cycle, said he’s seen an uptick in support for Republican candidates running in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas over the past week. And another GOP strategist said that in two polls since the confirmation hearings—one for a state Senate race, the other for a House race—they saw high single digit gains in support from Republican women, a key demographic that, in some cases, has been turned off by Trump.

The Democrats’ attacks on Kavanaugh have really energized and united Republicans in a way we haven’t seen in the past two years… To see them attacking Brett Kavanaugh’s character feels like an attack on conservatism,” said GOP strategist Alex Conant. He added, “Any race where Republicans were losing because of an enthusiasm gap is now a competitive race.

So at this point, it doesn’t even matter if Kavanaugh is confirmed or not. In fact, if he isn’t confirmed, it might actually be better.

Trump can announce that he will renominate him, and that will be the core focus of the midterm campaign.

Because, look: there are a lot of Republicans that are not enthusiastic about Trump. That is just a fact.

In the general election in 2016, there were more votes cast against AGAINST Hillary Clinton than FOR Donald Trump.

People are scared of him, because what he is doing is revolutionary. This is not politics as usual. He is making radical and abrasive changes to alter the face of the nation, to roll back decades of of a slowly encroaching globalist agenda in a matter of a couple of years.

That does scare people.

But what scares people a whole lot more than that is the idea that a normal, old-style GOP cuckservative like Brett Kavanaugh, a Bush boy who represents everything about business as usual on Capital Hill, could be attacked and destroyed by a gigantic fake scandal summoned up out of nowhere and pushed like a tsunami across the entire media.

Trump has about half of the Republicans in this country 100% on his side. The people who support Trump are THE PEOPLE. The other half, the scared half, the ones who still feel like things should be normal, are scared to death of the attack on Kavanaugh.

So what the Jews have done with their sickening little plot is create a perfect storm, where effectively 100% of the population that identifies as Republican is outraged to the max and hyped-up the the x-treme – weeks before the midterms.

It is beautiful, the way it all came together.


Every time I report good news about the upcoming midterms, I wonder if I should be even doing it. Because I don’t want any of you to think that this is a done deal, and then not bother to get all your friends and family to vote.

The struggle is real.

Just because our defenses have been bolstered does not mean that the enemy is no longer at our gates.

Yes, the Democrats fucked up on such a colossal scale that it is virtually unimaginable. I have no idea why they thought declaring all out war – in the dirtiest and most transparently dirty way imaginable – on a Bush-style conservative judge was a good idea, other than because they are Jews and simply can’t do anything other than kike the goyim, even when any analyst would be able to tell them “if you kike the goyim this hard, the goyim might get really, really angry.”

Whatever their reasoning, they did it and now we are in a much, much better position than we were before.


The harder we win, the better. Even if it was assure we were going to winnable every race – and it isn’t at all assured – but even if it was, I would still want everyone to vote so that the wins were BIGGER.

The bigger the win, the moral demoralizing it is the the Democrats. The more they will question their own leadership. The more the party will be torn apart.

I want all of you in California and New York to vote, even though you obviously won’t win, just because a lesser win in these areas will be demoralizing.

This one goes out to all the kikes who tried to Jew this country.

Toby Keith is going to be playing this live over and over against when we put all of you disgusting pests on the Stairs of Death.