Kavanaugh Confirmation Deals Major Defeat to Subversive Anti-American Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States was a major defeat for subversive Jewish interests that have been pushing sick agendas to destroy America from within.

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States represents much more than Republicans filling a vacancy on the nation’s highest court. It represents a major defeat to a group of subversive Jews who utilized the most disgusting tactics imaginable to prevent Kavanaugh from filling the position.

Make no mistake about it, the anti-Kavanaugh movement was almost entirely Jewish in nature. This is a fact that is hardly mentioned anywhere. Both mainstream and so-called alternative media outlets have refused to mention what is the most important aspect of this circus. They’ve used terms like “leftists” and “liberals” to mask how Jews were behind much of what happened. Talking about the Jewish role in this is a line that few are willing to cross but it is the absolute truth of what happened.

Let’s review the facts.

Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein

The Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein intentionally concealed a letter from Christine Blasey Ford, a California professor and anti-Trump feminist, alleging that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party 36 years ago. She refused to share the letter with the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee and did not bring up the allegation to Kavanaugh when he met with her in private or during the confirmation hearing itself. This despite there being a process for committee members to share pertinent confidential information with one another. It is a fact that was brought up in public when Feinstein was questioned about the letter.

Once the hearing had concluded and the committee was set to vote, Ford’s letter was leaked to the media. This happened at the most politically opportune time for Feinstein and successfully delayed the confirmation process.

Jewish lawyer Debra Katz

In addition, Feinstein’s office recommended a Jewish lawyer named Debra Katz to represent her before she had a chance to speak with Kavanaugh. Ford was ultimately represented by Katz and another Jewish lawyer named Michael Bromwich.

These Jewish lawyers who guided her through the process did not appear to represent her interests well. Ford seemed confused when told at the hearing that she could have given her testimony to the committee in a private setting in California. This was either a manifestation of her conspiring with these Jews or her being deliberately misled by them.

There were also few people who had access to Ford’s letter. Although we don’t know exactly who leaked the letter, it is safe to assume that it was directly or indirectly leaked from Feinstein’s office. It may also have been leaked by Ford’s Jewish lawyer Katz who, again, was recommended by Feinstein’s people. Feinstein claims her office did not leak the letter, but these claims are highly dubious and have opened her up to a possible ethics investigation.

All that aside, Ford’s story is a proven hoax. She could not identify a specific date, time or place of the alleged sexual assault. The so-called witnesses she identified could not corroborate her story and basically had no idea what she was talking about. She was also caught in various lies during her public testimony. Her ex-boyfriend even said she was lying about statements she made about polygraph testing and being afraid to fly.

There were also two other uncorroborated stories that came out including one by a Jewess named Julie Swetnick. She told crazy tales of how Kavanaugh attended multiple “train rape” parties.

Despite the fact that these stories were obvious falsehoods, they were promoted as credible allegations by big corporate media outlets run by Jews.

Most notably, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times and other Jewish media operations were engaged in this practice.

These Jews employed what is known as the “big lie” technique against Kavanaugh. They smeared him as a sexual assaulter and a raper even though there was zero credible evidence proving these claims.

The “big lie” is a Jewish technique that a fine German man named Adolf Hitler talked about in his best selling book “Mein Kampf” published in the 1920s. His words are as true today as they were nearly a century ago.

From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies”. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.

And further showing the Jewish nature of this evil plot, we have these additional facts.

Jew Lorne Michaels

Saturday Night Live a show run by the Jew Lorne Michaels which has historically featured Jewish cast members, ran a skit openly mocking Kavanaugh. The decision to mock only Kavanaugh and not Ford is indicative of the overall Jewish desire to have him destroyed.

The lies against Kavanaugh were further amplified with anti-Kavanaugh protests organized by various groups connected to the evil Jew billionaire George Soros.

When Senator Jeff Flake was confronted in an elevator over his support of Kavanaugh, he was confronted by an individual involved with the Center for Popular Democracy an organization financed by Soros.

The Jews Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski also participated in the anti-Kavanaugh protests. They were eventually fake arrested in a staged publicity stunt.

The Jew Senator Chuck Schumer along with Feinstein represented the Democrats in giving a statement about the supplemental FBI investigation which cleared Kavanaugh of wrongdoing. Both claimed the investigation was insufficient and that the FBI report was part of a conspiracy involving the White House. Again, more Jewish lies of which no tangible corroborating evidence was offered.

After Senator Susan Collins took to the Senate floor announcing that she would be voting in favor of Kavanaugh, a large number of Jews took to Twitter to express their anger at her.

Here’s just a handful of posts from these hissing vipers.

After reviewing these facts, it is impossible to deny that subversive anti-American Jews were the primary force involved in a sinister plot to destroy Kavanaugh. These Jews do not represent the interest of America. They represent the interest of their diabolical and evil race first and foremost.

America can’t function as a nation when we have a race of evil Jews allowed to openly subvert our institutions. They were openly claiming that a man was guilty until proven innocent and that accusations alone are enough to disqualify someone from holding public office. This was a completely insane precedent that they were trying to set. What happened to Kavanaugh is arguably the most obvious and open subversion of our systems by the Jewish race yet.

The sad part about this is that their agenda was only narrowly defeated. While it does indeed represent a major defeat for the Jews, it only means that they are going to become increasingly crazy and unhinged moving forward.