Kathy Zhu Goes on Dr. Phil to Drop HateFacts on Retarded Housemoms

Daily Stormer
January 22, 2020

Kathy Zhu, live on Dr. Phil talking about the impending race war

Nick Fuentes’ spurned fangirl Kathy Zhu last week appeared on the infamous daytime TV show “Dr. Phil” in a bid to get King Nick to notice her again.

Phil invited Kathy on to talk about getting her beauty pageant crown removed for supporting Donald Trump on the internet.

Nick and Kathy at Groypercon 2019

It’s really incredible the lengths that women will go to to get attention when you think about it. Kathy could have simply smiled and nodded and advertised her social media accounts, but she instead decided to drop some FBI data on the old shrews watching at home.

The camera sits on the HateStats for a solid 15 seconds, as if the cameraman himself is shocked by what he’s seeing and is brushing up on the data before he remembers his job and cuts back to Kathy.

Remember: Blacks are only 13% of the population

Now, Dr. Phil is one of the oldest bullshit artists on TV, so naturally he wasn’t phased. He just started mumbling something that put me to sleep. It’s really amazing that Dr. Phil has been on TV for decades now, but society does not seem to have benefited from his televised therapy sessions.

Here’s the full show.

At first, Kathy Zhu literally tried to explain to a Boomer how the Internet works, and Phil just wasn’t having any of that.

He tried to say that no one should tweet their hot takes and should only link essays instead – which is some sort of an argument, I suppose. Phil accused the young conservative lady guest of not being long-winded enough and bragged that on his show (where he gives each guest about 6 minutes) he manages to flesh out the topic and have a serious discussion, but that Kathy should be quiet because she is more curt.

Kathy retorts with “facts are not racist. Facts are facts.”

As everyone knows, this is a tried and true Ben Shapiro talking point that always OWNS THE LIBTARDS.

Dr. Phil comes back and says that she should start her own TV talk show before she can express her opinions – to do otherwise would be irresponsible. He then went to the commercials and had Kathy duke it out with some fat weirdo in a hijab, Rida Hamida, who literally tried to convert Kathy to Islam on air as Phil nodded along.

Kathy basically got in trouble in the first place by saying that she didn’t want to be a Moslem and that these Moslems are getting too uppity, trying to get everyone to convert. Without batting an eye, this Moslem chick gets up there to brag about all the Mexicans that she is converting in California.

These Moslems don’t even hide what they’re doing. They say it straight to the camera – and everyone just applauds, no matter what words come out of their mouths. She could have said, “you will all become Moslem, eventually” and the idiots in the crowd would no doubt have done their clapping seal bit.

Shocking stuff.