Kathy Griffin Holding Press Conference with Jew Lawyer to Blame Trump for Her Actions

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2017

As you’re probably aware, comedian Kathy with a “K” Griffin was fired after doing a photoshoot where she did an ISIS type beheading of Donald Trump.

As I noted earlier today in an article about Hillary Clinton blaming the DNC (and everyone else) for her election loss, women are biologically incapable of taking personal responsibility for their behavior.

So this wacky bitch is holding a press conference with celebrity Jew lawyer Lisa Bloom (the selfsame Jew lawyer who served all the sluts accusing Trump of sexual harassment during the campaign, and recently got Bill O’Reilly crucified before the Sanhedrin – she’s the daughter of supervillain Jew lawyer Gloria Allred, who also helped with the Trump attacking slutfest) to blame – get this – Donald Trump for the fact that she did this photo shoot.

The lesson here is that women will never, ever, ever believe they are responsible for anything.

I can’t tell you how important that is for you to understand, if you ever plan to have any interactions with women ever.

Even your wife and mother, both of whom you love – you must understand that they will never, ever, in any situation, accept real responsibility for their behavior.

If they pretend to, it is just that – pretending.

The other lesson is that Jews will defend anything evil, and they don’t worry about how it makes them look.


Kathy Griffin got a whole bunch of publicity from this. Publicity that is worth 50 times whatever her job on CNN was worth.

If she gets the right Jews – and it looks like she’s getting the right Jews – she’s going to come out on top. Not in the sense that she’s going to sue someone, but that she will effectively position herself as a victimized artist and end up with a high enough profile to get a better job than the one she had on CNN.

I’m making that predicting right now.