Kathy Griffin Claims “Bullying” From President Trump, Plays Victim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2017

People who threaten to murder the President are the real victims.

Of the White Patriarchy.

Regular CNN New Year’s Eve special host and Democrat supporter Kathy Griffin posed ISIS-style with the bloody severed facsimile head of President Donald Trump. After a massive public outcry, Griffin called a press conference, played the victim and claimed she was being bullied by “white men” and President Trump.

Molyneux analysis good… but he’s still purple pill on the slut issue.

I think it’s because he can’t accept that his own mother was just a product of her environment.

He wants to blame her.

Getting over blaming mom for destroying your life is a massive liberating thing.

She just did what all women were doing in Modern Weimerica.

Women are biologically incapable of understanding that they can do wrong things.