Kate Steinle: “Diverse” Jury Rejects White Humanity and Acquits Illegal Immigrant Murderer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2017

A San Francisco runaway jury has loudly rejected the right of whites to live. The five times deported multiple felon drug addicted illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle at random has been cleared of all murder charges, including involuntary manslaughter.

White people have a better shot at justice in a Tijuana court than in Jew-run, majority-minority California!

According to Jose Ines Garcia Zarate’s attorney Matt Gonzalez – a public defender (not exactly Bruce Cutler) – this multiple felon illegal criminal protected by San Fag’s sanctuary city policies “found” a random gun. The weapon then “misfired” a bullet into Steinle’s back as she walked with her father by the pier. Zarate’s lawyer insisted that this was nothing more than an accident and his client was innocent.

Zarate previously confessed to the murder. That was thrown out later because they said he couldn’t understand English and had a 2nd grade education.

In October, the “diverse” jurors saw footage of the killing. In it, Kate Steinle dies, Zarate tosses the pistol in the water, and walks away hoping nobody saw him. He was chased down and arrested. The gun was retrieved by the San Francisco police department’s underwater unit and the defense fought it the whole trial. Does this sound like an accident to you?

The San Francisco prosecutors office is the biggest criminal here. Rather than pursuing this as a hate crime (the shooting happened on 7/1/2015, 2 weeks into the media making hay about Trump’s Mexican immigration speech) or at least a crazy junky gunning down random people, they decided to build their case on the defendant “playing a secret version of Russian roulette.”

In other words, the district attorney wanted him to walk to make a political statement.

San Francisco Chronicle:

On Thursday, the verdict arrived: Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of all murder and manslaughter charges. He was convicted merely of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

“We’re just shocked — saddened and shocked … that’s about it,” Jim said. “There’s no other way you can coin it. Justice was rendered, but it was not served.”

Brad said he was “not surprised,” considering the “epic failure” that led Garcia Zarate to be released on the streets, and end up with a loaded handgun on the pier that day.

“I’m stunned that they couldn’t even get him on using the weapon,” Brad said.

And so went the court system’s application of justice in a case that almost instantly became a cause celebre for advocates of a crackdown on illegal immigration. Fox News championed “Kate’s Law” to impose mandatory prison sentences on those who return to the U.S. after deportation. Donald Trump, as candidate and now as president, has routinely cited Kate’s death as justification for building a U.S.-Mexico border wall and punishing sanctuary cities.

The Steinles have a decidedly nuanced view on sanctuary cities. They support the concept as a way to encourage immigrants, regardless of legal status, to come forward as victims or witnesses to crimes without fear of deportation. Yet they believe San Francisco went too far when then-Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi effectively ordered his department to cut off communication with federal immigration authorities.

They also expressed frustration at the sanctimony and stubbornness of San Francisco politicians. In response to the outrage over Kate’s killing, the city modified its sanctuary policy only slightly, allowing notification of federal immigration authorities only when a person convicted of certain violent crimes is about to be released.

The bottom line: An undocumented immigrant with Garcia Zarate’s exact criminal history still could be released from jail to the streets without a call to alert Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Brad Steinle said he was “just flabbergasted” by the “culmination of errors” that led to his sister’s death. “Failure No. 1” was the feds’ decision to send Garcia Zarate back to San Francisco on a 20-year-old drug charge, which they should have known would never be prosecuted. The unsecured and loaded gun left in a Bureau of Land Management ranger’s vehicle, which was stolen. And, perhaps worst of all, a sheriff’s policy that allowed the release of a repeat felon who should have been deported.

In Brad’s view, those official actions were at least as responsible as the shooter for Kate’s death.

“This trial, for me, is kind of the least important part of the puzzle,” the brother said. “The sequence of events that led up to this — and the fact that nothing has changed — is the most disheartening thing. It’s like Siegfried and Roy: You stick your head in a tiger’s mouth and you’re probably going to get bit at some point.”

The trial was an ordeal for Kate’s parents. They had to hear what seemed like interminable monologues from Public Defender Matt Gonzalez. “That jury — God love ’em, God love ’em,” Liz said of their endurance of Gonzalez’s arguments, including his contention that the gun went off accidentally. “Just ridiculous stuff,” she added.

“I own a handgun,” Brad interjected. “I know that guns don’t just go off. But you have a jury full of people, the vast majority of which probably haven’t shot a gun before and don’t know the intricacies of how a gun works.”

For Jim, whose daughter collapsed in his arms after being shot in the back, the tribulation included a need to recount the Pier 14 nightmare on the witness stand.

“I can hardly talk about it today,” he said. “It’s a horrific moment that you can’t get out of your mind. That’s how all three of us suffered. It’s all-encompassing, and 2½ years later, we’re still in court. I dreaded every moment when I thought about it, and I said what I had to say, and you can’t put a ribbon around it or anything like that. You just relive this, day after day.”

Now and then an acquaintance would angrily suggest that Kate’s killer should be executed and ask: “What do you think, Jim?”

“I think Kate’s gone,” Jim said. “We’re not going there. We don’t have hate. Of course we’re deep in our faith and we go to church. We believe Kate’s in a better place, and we think about her on that level. But no, we have no vindictiveness.”

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi – the mind behind San Francisco’s outrageous sanctuary city policy – is of course a filthy Jew. He is as guilty as the savage on trial.

Nobody, including the jury, believes the defense’s argument that this career criminal fired the pistol by accident. What happened here is a jury composed of Jews, leftists and non-whites wanted to give Donald Trump – who they see as an avatar for white people – a big F.U. at a random white person’s expense.

This is the beginning of a disturbing new chapter in America where “Bronx Juries” just acquit every non-white who kills a white. This is already happening across the country in diverse districts with lower profile crimes. Prosecutors and judges are often accomplices to the phenomenon.

The Steinle family too is part of the problem. The fact that they are just totally letting this travesty go shows they are cowards who have failed their daughter’s memory.

The fact that they are relying on religion for help is the ultimate irony.

San Francisco organized religion sided with Kate’s killer because they want to replace intellectually curious whites with obedient, tithing (since they don’t pay taxes anyway) Mexican drones. Rev. Jon Pedigo of Catholic Charities sided with Zarate to the press with this idiotic quote:

The Rev. Jon Pedigo, director for advocacy and community engagement at Catholic Charities of Silicon Valley, said it was clear from the start that the shooting was unintentional.

“There’s no getting around the tragedy that this woman was killed,” he said. “A person picked up a gun and did not know what to do with it. But it’s unfortunate that this woman’s death was used and abused for political point-making by Trump and the anti-immigrant movement. It was used as a way to attack solid policies.

“We need to be clear about what the significance of this is,” he added. “The Constitution won. Due process won.”

That’s right, a guy who has spent most of his adult life illegally re-entering the United States to sell hard drugs mistakenly picked up a gun laying around in the street, as if San Francisco is the city from Grand Theft Auto III. He had no idea what a gun does! 

This blind “conservative” faith in “institutions” like the church, the court system, and the government will be the death of our civilization and race. These institutions are all uniting to destroy us for profit and power. They must be brought down and built from scratch.

Because Jews prevent whites from having advocates, there will most likely be no protests, marches or successful legislation to prevent this from happening again.

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate looks like he’ll get out in a year on his felony gun possession charge (time served) and victimize another American.

Judge William Orrick in a California court arbitrarily struck down Trump’s order to cut federal funding for states that do not enforce federal immigration law just because he felt like it. California is a third world canary in the coal mine for what all of America will soon look like, even if you’re out in “flyover country.”

How much more must the ship sink before families like the Steinles decide to rock it, even if it hurts their material well-being?