Kanye West Suspended from Twitter After Epic Rant Against Jew Media

According to CNN’s resident doxer and censorship-enforcement commando Oliver Darcy, Kanye West has been suspended from the platform for posting the phone number of a journalist.

Darcy assures the public that this is perfectly normal.

The locking of Kanye’s account comes after he aggressively criticized the music industry, posting pages worth of contracts and saying the record companies abuse black people.

He also posted many Bible verses and mentioned Nick Canon getting canceled – Canon was shut down for talking about the Jews controlling the media.

Kanye was obviously pointing to the Jewish issue, but seems to have learned you can’t say it directly. He appears to be suggesting blacks rise up against the Jews.

Here are some things he tweeted in his rant before having his account locked.

He then posted pages and pages of record contracts. I didn’t read them, but one would assume they are very Jewish.

He then continued.

This video of him pissing on one of his Grammys has 22 million views at time of writing.

At that point, he was cut off.

Regardless of what Oliver Darcy wants you to believe, Kanye was obviously cut off because they were afraid of what he would say next.

There is no freedom of speech, even for billionaires. They are going to try to have Kanye locked up for mental health and get him put on drugs. Hopefully, he has friends that can stop that from happening.

I’m sure he has more interesting things to say, and he is of more value to the black community than a million uppity Black Lives Matter whiners.

He’s also actually valuable to whites, as he encourages blacks not to act like a bunch of savage animals and he attacks the Jews, who are the mutual enemy of all non-Jews. Fighting against the Jews should be a common ground capable of unifying all races, as these Jews believe that we should all be their slaves.

Furthermore: Kanye West is a good person. He is against abortion and defends marriage and family values, something that very few whites are willing to do these days.

We can all agree he’s a great musician and artist in general, so he should be able to bridge the gap between us and the blacks.

This is why the media is intent on censoring him and promoting the obviously false claim that he’s insane.