Kanye West, Polling at 2%: “I Can Beat Biden Off of Write-Ins”

Kanye West is out there looking like he gonna hack this election so hard.

On Saturday, Kanye tweeted that he’s planning to crush Joe Biden through write-ins.

This comes after a Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ national poll of 2,000 registered voters placed him at 2%. That poll was done on July 9, just days after Kanye announced his run. There is no chance his numbers are going to ever go any lower than that.

If he doesn’t drop out, it’s an extreme possibility that he will be able to swing the election for Trump, which is obviously his goal.

He could actually be a very positive force for the black community. They will never become Republican voters, because that is a white thing, but maybe he could spin this off into a black political movement, win some local elections in black majority areas, and do… Kanye-ism, whatever that would be.

It couldn’t be worse than what the Democrats have done to the blacks. He could try to get them to be good boys, go to church, stop having drug wars and welfare crack babies, go to school, and get their lives back on track.

If this transparent attempt at swinging the election to Trump is successful, we could only attribute that to the will of Christ.

Kanye talks a lot about that, and that’s something that is much better for black culture than the drug gang promiscuity culture foisted on them by Jewish music executives.

The timeline where it’s Kanye West that saves civilization by preventing Joe Biden from taking office is definitely the funniest timeline.