Kanye West is the Only Conservative Figure Willing to Stand Up to Democrats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2019

That headline there isn’t really sarcastic.

Kanye West appeared on David Letterman’s Netflix show and said that liberals are bullying right-wingers.

Who else says that, in those terms?

All conservatives frame this conflict in a bunch of ideological bullshit, divorcing it from reality, putting it into the realm of the absolutely abstract.

But it isn’t abstract. It is real. Anyone with right-wing views in America is relentlessly bullied by a mob of hate-filled lunatics.

We are attacked on the streets, we are silenced on the internet, we are forced to bake anal cakes, we are forced to subject our children to classes about how to cut their penises off.

These people are aggressive and hateful, and they are engaged in a systematic harassment campaign.

And it takes a goofy black guy to say it plainly.

Like when Muhammad Ali said that thing about race-mixing.

Although to be fair, Ali was a lot less goofy than Kanye. But still black. And still goofy.