Kanye West is a Genius. We ❤ U, Kanye!!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

Well, I’m sold.

I was already sold, but now I’m double sold. Triple sold.

Kanye needs to be made the ambassador to the UN. And we need to abolish the 13th Amendment and reestablish slavery.

Kanye did not have a man in the home, and married into a family with no masculinity (tranny father).

Kanye is a genius. He is not bi-polar. He has sleep depravation. He was misdiagnosed.

He doesn’t say dope. He only says positive words.

He invented a hydrogen-powered plane. Apple, an American company, they’re going to work on it.

He understands the nature of the universe and, in fact, multiple universes.

We are cheating our country.

So true. If Trump doesn’t look good, we don’t look good.

Jim Brown agrees – and he’s impressed.

A beautiful friendship has begun.

We have to release the love.

The time is now.

Every single thing he just said made way more sense than anything I ever heard that Paki whore Nimrata Randhawa say.

You gotta play 4D chess with this guy.

Best believe – we’re gonna make America great.

We are going to learn how to benefit in the infinite universes that we are.

Just watch the video, guys. Now imagine him talking like that at the UN.

The time is now.

Not tomorrow – today.