Kanye Shouldn’t Have Conceded

Kanye probably beat that libertarian woman.

He might in fact have beat Joe Biden.


As election officials work on finalizing results that will determine who will be president of the United States for the next four years, one candidate is poised for a fifth place run.

Independent presidential candidate Kanye West received more than 61,000 votes across the 12 states where his name appeared on the ballot. With added vote totals still expected in the coming days, there’s a chance this number could slightly increase.

The rapper received at least 1,000 votes in each of the 12 states and peaked with 10,216 votes in Tennessee.

West finished fourth place at the polls in nine of the states and fifth place in the remaining three.

The 61,387 total votes cast for Kanye West place him fifth place overall in the election, well ahead of sixth-place finisher Gloria La Riva, who received 49,380 votes in the seven states she was present on the ballot.

While West outran the other independent candidates in the running, he did fall well short of fourth-place finisher Howie Hawkins. The Green Party candidate unofficially sits with 322,990 votes.

With the impending results, West appeared to concede the 2020 Presidential Election on Twitter and looked ahead to 2024.


If he wouldn’t have conceded, he could have pushed for a Michigan recount.

They would have to do it because he’s black.

They don’t do recounts for orange candidates.

And I’m not playing Monday morning quarterback here, but frankly, Trump should have replaced Mike Pence with Kanye.