Kansas: Two Cops Killed by Inmate During Prisoner Transfer (Lady Cop Got Her Gun Took)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

Okay so they haven’t released the full details. But the situation is obvious.

POC grabbed the ladycop’s gun, killed her and then the other officer.

So it is the ladycop’s fault the male cop got killed.


Two Kansas sheriff’s deputies who were shot and killed by an inmate while transporting him between the courthouse and jail were both parents, authorities said Saturday.

The inmate, whose name hasn’t been released, shot Wyandotte County Sheriff’s deputies Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer on Friday in a gated area behind the county courthouse. He may have used one of the deputies’ own guns to shoot them during a struggle after he got out of the van, authorities said.

Yeah, that’s about the only place he could have gotten the gun, right? They don’t let prisoners keep guns in their cells with them.

The inmate was also shot and underwent surgery Friday. Terry Zeigler, the police chief of Kansas City, Kansas, said at a news conference Saturday that as far as he knew, the man was in stable condition.

Rohrer, 35, died shortly after the shooting. He had been with the force for seven years and leaves behind two your children, Wyandotte County sheriff’s Maj. Kelli Bailiff said. King, 44, died early on Saturday at a hospital. She had three children, including a young one.

Zeigler said the authorities were withholding the inmate’s name until he’s been formally charged, which is expected to happen next week.

So putting a woman in a man’s job resulted not only in her own death, but the death of a male colleague.

Women are not only physically weaker than women, they are also less physically aware of their surroundings and less capable of quick reaction times. That’s all due to biology. You can’t train it out of them.

It is always, always, always a threat to human life to have a woman in a police job (other than metermaid, etc.).

Probably, no one is going to come out and say “it’s the ladycop’s fault.” If I was the male cop’s wife, I would say it. Her husband is dead because this bitch thought it would be fun to go pretend to be a policeman.

Look at this undated photo, where she was taking selfies with one of the convicts being transferred:

The nigger or spic (or whatever this turns out to be) was just doing what came natural to him in seeing that there was a woman with a gun and grabbing it from her. The fault here is on the woman who wanted to pretend to be a man, and the kiked-out society that allows that sort of a thing.

Ladycops are a cute fiction idea.

Like the rest of the empowered females in fiction.

But that’s what it is: fiction.

It’s no different than a Godzilla, a wizard or a nigger scientist.

In real life, hearing about a “Female Police Officer” should be like hearing about a “Necromancer Lawyer” – you just assume it is a joke, or something from a fantasy story.