Kansas School Apologizes for Showing The Gender Unicorn to Kids

These people are always taking two steps forward. If they take one step back, that means they’re still a step ahead.

Some of this crap is so bizarre that they have to back up a bit when people find out about it. Especially in some place like Kansas.

New York Post:

A Kansas school apologized for a “Gender Unicorn” worksheet given to students after hearing from outraged parents.

The handout asked Olathe high school students about their gender identities, and which sex they were attracted to, according to The Kansas City Star.

“Do you know your identity or are you still in identity confusion stage? Give me three reasons you have or have not achieved your identity,” the worksheet reportedly asked teens in a Human Growth and Development class.

State Rep. Adam Thomas was one of the parents who did not approve of the flow chart, which was created and pushed by Trans Student Educational Resources.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, we are in Anal World.

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The overwhelming majority of people are really repulsed by this tranny stuff – even after all the censorship, that is still evident. Polls have shown that less than 1 in 5 people support child trannies. But of course, people are too weak and feeble to actually fight back against anything.

There should be Steam reviews for each and every aspect of the left’s agenda.