Kansas: Lockdown Laura is Mad Because Some Guy Made a Cartoon Saying Wearing Masks is Like the Holocaust

Cross your least favorite elementary school teacher with the villain from Gumby and you get this horrid bitch.

We have to get women out of public society.

The experiment has failed.

Women running governments like nagging school teachers is like the Holocaust.

Wearing masks is also like the Holocaust.

The Hill:

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) is calling on a Republican state official to remove a cartoon from his newspaper’s Facebook page that compares her recent order requiring face masks in public to the Holocaust.

The cartoon was published on Friday on the Facebook page of the Anderson County Review, a newspaper owned by Anderson County Republican Party Chairman Dane Hicks. The cartoon features a woman wearing a mask with a Star of David attached to it in front of a line of people entering a cattle car.

“Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask … and step onto the cattle car,” the caption reads.

Kelly, whose executive order requiring face masks went into effect on Friday, said in a statement to The Associated Press that Hicks’s decision to “publish anti-Semitic imagery is deeply offensive and he should remove it immediately.”

“While it’s disappointing to see, on July Fourth of all days, I know that Mr. Hicks’s views are not shared by the people of Anderson County nor Kansas as a whole,” she added.

I share these views, bitch!

Also, I have a note from my mom saying I don’t have to wear a mask! And you’re not my mom! My mom is the one who gets to decide if I have to wear a mask or not!

However, Hicks is standing by the cartoon. He told The New York Times that he was the person who crafted it and that he planned to publish it in print on Tuesday. The GOP county official also asserted that he “intended no slight” to Holocaust survivors or Jewish people.

“Political editorial cartoons are gross over-caricatures designed to provoke debate and response — that’s why newspapers publish them — fodder for the marketplace of ideas,” he said. “The topic here is the governmental overreach which has been the hallmark of Governor Kelly’s administration.”

Yeah, that’s funny he just openly admits there was no intent to create a coherent parallel, it was absurdist Holocaust exploitation humor.

I approve, and it is really funny in that context, especially with the real picture of Jews getting on a train in the background.

No doubt you, the dear reader, saw the cartoon and were like, “silly boomer, this doesn’t even make sense. They’re not using the masks to mark a specific group, nor were the stars Jews wore in Germany physically restraining in the way a mask is…”

Silly you – you fell into his absurdist trap, which was just meant to piss this bitch off by referencing the Holocaust.

The Anderson County Republican Party did not immediately respond to a request for further comment from The Hill.

The cartoon’s appearance came as parts of the U.S., including Kansas, experience a surge in coronavirus cases, causing some states to pause their reopening plans. The U.S. reported about 54,500 new cases of the virus on Thursday, according to a Johns Hopkins University database, representing a new high amid the pandemic.

There is no surge! This is a statistics hoax!

I can’t believe we’re still doing this…!

The Holocaust humor is funny, but Hicks should have posted the three graphs.

These are based on CDC data.

As of last week…

This is the number of confirmed cases:

This is the number of deaths:

This is the number of tests:

There are more confirmed cases because they are doing more tests. However, these people cannot show the deaths graph either, because according to what they are saying, if they include the death graph then that would mean that the virus is now ten times less deadly than it was in April. They’re not going to say that. They’re just counting on the fact that they have total control of the media now.

Donald Trump is saying it, but he doesn’t really seem to understand how important this is.

This is all part of the plan. The media has been pumping up the testing nonstop, without giving any clear explanation of what the purpose is.

Local Democrat politicians are responsible for the mass testing. They’re distributing federal money to county governments so those governments can set up facilities in RiteAid and CVS and just test as many random people as possible.

Here’s an example from Summit County, Ohio.

Akron Beacon-Journal:

Summit County is giving $1.4 million in federal dollars to Summit County Public Health for the development and implementation of a countywide COVID-19 mass testing program.

Summit County Council on Monday approved a resolution authorizing the county executive to execute a grant agreement with the health department using part of the $94.4 million the county received in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding.

As the virus has affected residents in certain at-risk groups and ZIP codes, the county said insufficient testing has been and will continue to be a problem in the community unless a mass testing program is developed.

The money will fund equipment, materials, services, supplies and personnel. As the program will result in a need for expanded laboratory capacity, the county is allocating part of the funding to increase capacity and testing capability from the current level of 200 tests per day to 400 to 450 tests per day.

“We’re hopeful that we can do this more comprehensive approach,” said Summit County Public Health Commissioner Donna Skoda. “Rite Aid is here, and CVS is here, and that’s helpful, but it’s for a certain group of individuals. We want to make sure everybody has access to a test that can get it.”

It’s not being done directly by the federal government, because Trump could shut that down. They are using their political networks to spread the word to do as many random tests as possible in order to inflate the numbers, while the media just keeps showing you one graph with no context.

Gratingly, this is the opposite of what they were doing before: back when they were promoting deaths instead of infections, they didn’t want you to know that millions of people were infected, because it would lower your chances of dying if you have it.

If a thousand people in a city are infected and 100 die, that means that all things being equal, if you get infected you have a 10% chance of dying. However, if a million people in a city are infected and 100 people die, that means you only have a .01% chance of dying.

I was previously calling for mass testing and they wouldn’t do it because they were hoaxing the denominator – now they’ve managed to just completely remove all mention of the numerator!

It’s incredible!

Talk about the big lie!

Take note that they are absolutely getting away with it. We’ve been doing this “rising cases” thing for two weeks now, and the population has not asked about the deaths graph. The media is not run by ethical people, and the fact that they’ve gotten away clean with something this stupid means that their next hoax is going to be even dumber.

Hey – do you remember that time I said that this coronavirus hoax would last basically forever and a bunch of people were arguing with me saying I shouldn’t be pushing it so hard because I was basically betting my entire reputation as an analyst on something that couldn’t be proved?

Personally, I’ve totally forgotten about it and there is no need for these people to apologize. I’m sure they’re fine people, they just unfortunately have yet to realize the gravity of this situation.

I’ll just be here waiting for you people to acknowledge how bad things truly are.