Kamala’s Plan to Make Justice More “Equitable”

Soon-to-be President Kamala Harris, an Indian woman from Canada, said after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict that she is going to make American justice more equitable.

This term “equity” is a code word for a kind of communism. Kamala herself has been the frontperson for this term, having released a video on it before anyone had heard it.

So, based on that children’s video, if we apply the concept of “equity” to the Kyle Rittenhouse case, it means that Kyle should have been unjustly punished in order to overcompensate for the fact that blacks were unjustly punished.

That’s literally what it means. Watch the video.

“Equity” means insuring equality of outcome by taking things away from white people, and giving them to brown people.

This is the meme they always use:

Just study that.

The left is the white male, the right is the blacks.

Blacks have already been given an extra box in the justice system. They’re no longer punishing them for crimes. Look at Timothy Simpkins, who was released on bail after shooting up his high school in a drug feud.

Many such cases.

So now it’s time to take a box away from white people – in the justice system.

What does that mean?

It obviously means what I said it means – punishing whites more severely than they deserve in order to make up for past injustices done to blacks.

This is what she is saying, openly. Just look at it. Look at the term, and what she is saying. It’s not confusing.

Hilariously, Kamala Harris was one of the main people doing these racial injustices against the blacks. Tulsi Gabbard pointed at her California record during the Democrat debates.

People on the internet are pointing this out, in relation to Harris’ ominous “equity” statement.

You should understand: when Kamala Harris talks about using the justice system to punish white people as part of her racial equity agenda, she is talking about you.