Kamala Harris Weighs in on the Most Important Issue Facing Americans in 2020

We know where our brutal new Lady Cop leader stands on the very most important issues of our time: she stands unequivocally with the people of Israel against the entire Islamic world.

If Kamala Harris wins the presidential election, Israel can be certain that they have even more support than they had under Donald Trump. Kamala Harris, being a brutal cop, will not hesitate to send in the military to protect Israel in the way Donald Trump hesitated. If the Arabs start threatening the sweet little innocent Jews, Kamala will send an army of White Americans to die to protect them.

For those Americans who believe that the single most important issue for America is how much we give to Israel, in dollars and in blood, your choice for president is clear: Kamala 2020.

“It takes a brutal Lady Cop to police the Moslems and protect the great state of Israel. Officer Kamala will prevent a second Holocaust.”