Kamala Harris Unveils Plan to Give $100 Billion to Black People So They Can Buy Houses

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

Standard black house

With $100 billion, we could just send these blacks back to Africa and buy them mud mansions.

Wouldn’t that be both more efficient and more ethical?

After all, forcing these blacks to live amongst all of this virulent racism, where they are hated, oppressed and murdered merely for the color of their skin is evil.

They have a right to return to Africa.

But Kamala Harris is a fake black person, so she doesn’t care about real black people.

Daily Mail:

Senator Kamala Harris has promised to help close the racial wealth gap by investing $100 billion to help Black families gain access to housing assistance if she is elected president.

Speaking at Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Democrat nominee from California believes her plan could help up to four million families.

Harris vowed to ‘remove the barriers’ that Black Americans face when trying to qualify for a home loan.

‘I will strengthen anti-discrimination lending laws and implement stricter enforcement,’ she told a cheering crowd.

Her plan will see $100 billion of Federal government funds invested to help families who have been disadvantaged by redlining practices.

Redlining stemmed from the 1930s when the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) rated risk levels for insurance and loan repayments on color coded maps.

Deemed on a scale from ‘hazardous’ to ‘best,’ the guideline led to people from ‘redlined communities’ being refused loans, according to SmartAsset.

This predominantly discriminated against African-American neighborhoods by deeming them a ‘higher risk,’ the site reports, compared to white areas.

It meant that white households gained access to low-cost mortgages, which in-turn helping the white middle class to grow.

This additional wealth was then passed down through generations – making them richer and also more likely to become future homeowners too.

Meanwhile, Black families that could get on the property ladder ‘didn’t see the same return on their investment as white households,’ SmartAsset reports.

During this time, between 1924 – 1962, Black households received just 2% of Federal Housing Administration loans – according to Harris’ campaign.

Now, for every $10 of wealth owned by a Black family, a white family has $100.

I seem to remember that a while back there was a little bit of a problem with giving mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to pay mortgages.

Does anyone else remember something like that happening? Like about 10 years ago or so?

Ah, well.

I’m sure it will all work out.

The only problem here is that the obsessive fixation with black people probably isn’t going to play all that well with normal people.

And it isn’t really playing all that well with black people either, because Kamala Harris is a fake black person.

She also has a Jewish husband, who is no doubt going to be at the center of her low interest housing loan scheme. In fact, I’m sure this was his idea, just as all her ideas are his ideas.

Kamala Harris is a fake black person who is a proxy for her Jew banker husband, who has a plan to pander to blacks so he can rip them off on housing loans.

This is the America the Founding Fathers truly envisioned when they said “please God, no more niggers.”

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