Kamala Harris, Soon to be President, Is “Historically Unpopular”

It’s strange that those 81 million who voted for Vaxxy Joe didn’t realize that he was very old and that he would soon be replaced by the despised fiend Kamala Harris, who would obviously implement a brutal regime of total control.


Kamala Harris has become the most unpopular vice president six months into an administration in years, according to recent unfavorable polling for the former senator.

According to a report from the Telegraph, Democrat strategists have internal worries about the controversial politician, describing her polling as “underwater” at this point.

Two recent polls cited by the report show approval ratings of 46% in both, but disapproval ratings of 47% and 48%.

Harris is also struggling with support among significant and influential voting groups, such as young people and Hispanics. An Economist/YouGov poll showed only 36% of respondents between the ages of 18-29 viewed Harris “favorably.”

In a recent aggregate put together by RealClearPolitics, 46% also said they viewed Harris unfavorably, three points higher than Biden at the same time.

In a poll posted by the Telegraph on Twitter in a thread regarding worries about Harris’ unfavorable view among much of the public, over 50% of over 40,000 voters – as of this writing – said Harris is doing a “bad job.” Approximately 20% said she is doing a “good job,” and another 27% were “not sure.”

Harris is half Jamaican and half Indian. But her Jamaican father was run off by her mother when she was very young. Harris was raised in Canada.

She’s never really veiled her hatred for legacy Americans, and the country in general. She came to America as an adult to suck dick in order to gain power. She appears to only care about controlling other people, and bending them to her will.

I’m sure she’s following the fact that everyone hates her, and this causes her to hate the American people even more, and want to control and hurt them harder.

It is completely obvious that her rule will be more brutal than anything any of us can imagine.

The good news is, it is also likely that the American Empire will finally collapse under her rule.

It’s sad it had to get this bad, but we’re quickly going to enter “the worst situation imaginable” with all of the death camps and torture and everything else.