Kamala Harris: Shutting Down CrimeThinkers is a Matter of National Security

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2019

Kamala Harris is fucking insane.

Her entire Twitter feed is just one unending chain of #woke Tweets that resemble an Alt-Right parody account of a shitlib circa 2015.

It’s incredible stuff, really.

This one tweet stood out though.

Translation: We’re going to arrest people to the left and to the right of me who criticize the Neocon agenda, unlimited brown people forever and the Deep State. 

Bernie Sanders didn’t even go this far 2 years ago, probably because he was less of a kike than Kamala. Often times, I think that non-kikes who get into politics have to overcompensate by promoting the Jewish agenda twice as hard.

This woman is calling for a police state. 

And for some reason, I ain’t even that alarmed.

Probably because the last 2 years have been pretty rough. They’re like what I expected things to be if Hillary had won. The only meaningful difference is that Hate Speech legislation hasn’t been passed under Trump – which it undoubtedly would have been under Hillary, probably in the first 100 days.

But there’s a non-trivial chance that regular people would be arrested on treason charges for being Russian trolls. Probably not like a mass round-up, but a few high-profile cases here and there to send a message to the American people loud and clear. And yes, this is clearly already happening with people like Roger Stone, but it has the potential to trickle down from politicians and political actors to regular citizens.

Assuming Trump doesn’t get impeached or Kennedy’d and he wins in 2020, there’s literally zero guarantees that the FBI and other agencies won’t just go ahead and keep doing all this shit anyway.

Furthermore, I think Kamala does have a chance in 2020… if she puts a White guy on the VP ticket with her.

She’s radical AF right now, but she’ll tone it down by the time the general rolls around.

You’d need a non-hostile media to hold her feet to the fire and start asking her questions like: “Is it true that you hate White people and want to launch mass arrests once you’re president? Because these tweets circa 2019 sure seem to indicate that you were considering this at some point.”

Which we won’t get.