Kamala Harris Grows Disgusting Gills

After the debate, Kamala Harris appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper.

Tapper, who is a Christ-hating Jew, mentioned that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group, was “alarmed” by Trump not denouncing white people.

This is true, and in actuality, these Jews are going ape.

The bitch Harris was shilling Black Lives Matter, which was actually shocking to hear. I didn’t know they were doing this anymore. I thought that the public support for this group and their strange agenda had collapsed, to the point where association with them is considered an absolute liability. The media has certainly backed off.

Fiend Harris was asked about if her team has a plan to stack the Supreme Court, and she also refused to answer the question. She said it was too important for her to win the election to allow people to know her policies. It was basically the old Nancy Pelosi “pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

Tapper actually did call her out. He said: “I will respectfully note that you also declined to answer that question.”

He even made a face, pretending to be a journalist.

I felt really proud of Jake. I said to my companion, “our little Jew boy is all grown up, asking questions of politicians like a real journalist.”

Harris, having been called out, made this face:

It must be a real shocker to be a Democrat and have a journalist ask you a question.

However, Tapper did not ask the most important question of all, which is: what is happening with Kamala Harris’ neck?

Is she in the process of growing gills?

If indeed she is growing gills, what will that mean about the way she governs when she becomes president?

If she is able to breathe underwater, this will no doubt mean that she will be forming new relationships with fish and other undersea creatures.

At some point, if she becomes more fish than human, she may betray us and side with the creatures of the sea.

Many people on the internet also noticed the neck problem, and her supporters were worried.

They are right to be worried.

The last thing we need is a president who is willing to sell us out to underwater life.

Imagine, on the day of her inauguration, she says, “and today, I am proud to announce that we will be developing new and drastic relations with the creatures of the sea!”

And then she starts playing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid?

Then what are you gonna do?

She probably wants to stack the court so she can ram through the totally unconstitutional “Underwater Friendship Act.”