Kamala Harris Delivers Kwanzaa Love Message, Says She’s Celebrated It for Generations

It’s almost like Kamala Harris thinks that being a fake is funny.

She has posted a video saying that she celebrated Kwanzaa with her family for generations, despite the fact that this is impossible.

Kwanzaa is a fake holiday for blacks invented in the 1960s by black extremists who were rebelling against Christmas. It’s actually weird to even talk about it at all, given that it never really took off the ground, and 99% of blacks just celebrate Christmas like normal people.

Kamala Harris is not even black. She allegedly had a Jamaican father (not an American black), but she was totally raised by her Indian mother, who left her alleged father very early on.

Many people find this funny.

Kamala Harris didn’t even live in America as a child.

Kamala Harris is just a totally fake person who will say literally anything and pretend to care about whatever that thing is.

She will also do literally anything she is told to do.

I’m surprised they didn’t have her do the Kwanzaa dance.

She is the perfect puppet to bring in the kind of hell that the people who control her are planning on bringing in.

If this fraud is allowed to go through, we can expect that Joe Biden is going to dip out early on, and allow her to take over.