Kalamazoo: Riot Police Break Up the Scene After Antifa Attacks Proud Boys

It’s 2020!

Proud Boys still out there, doing this!


Members of the right-wing group Proud Boys were met with angry counter demos at a march in Michigan, with the clashes between the two sides growing so heated that riot police stepped in to clear the area.

Videos from the event show a large group of Proud Boys marching in Kalamazoo on Saturday, most holding American flags and being confronted by counter-protesters who tried to break up the march. As the two groups start mixing, several fistfights and pushing matches can be seen breaking out.

The Proud Boys marchers were chanting “four more years” in support of President Trump right before things turned violent. The group has been designated a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Proud Boys had announced their intention to march, prompting counter-demonstrators to gather in the area waiting to meet them.

As the clashes and fights continued, pepper spray was eventually deployed, according to local reports. Some people tried to calm the situation and talk protesters on both sides out of violence, but with little success.

Proud Boys members can be heard at one point yelling, “f**k Antifa” to the counter protesters, who held signs reading things like, “racists go home.” Some also chanted “black lives matter.”

Police in riot gear eventually cleared the area after giving a five minute warning to everyone present.

Several arrests were reportedly made by police, including MLive reporter Samuel J Robinson, whose detainment was caught on camera.