Justin Trudeau Mocked for Bizarre Wardrobe Choices During Trip to India

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2018

The Indians seem happy that this goof has finally left their country.

As we have documented time and time again, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a completely insane individual. This is a man who has been trying to turn Canada into a country that simultaneously embraces unlimited Islamic immigration and homosexuality. He doesn’t get that this plan won’t work since Moslems hate faggots and want them thrown off of roofs.

With that said, it is no surprise that we would see him embarrass his country on a week long trip to India. During the trip he dressed up in what he thought was traditional Indian garb in an attempt to relate to the culture. This did not go over well as he was universally mocked by native Indians for his comical pandering.

Fox News:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in India with his family Saturday for a weeklong visit, but whatcaught people’s attention the most weren’t his politics, but his over-the-top wardrobe.

Trudeau, along with wife Sophie and their three kids, paraded through the country in a variety of Indian garb, taking time for plenty of photo ops, including in front of the Golden Temple in Amritsar and at an event with Bollywood stars.

Indian media outlets called out the Trudeaus for trying too hard, with Outlook India dubbing their looks “too Indian even for an Indian.”

Trudeau came off like he was dressing up in a Halloween costume to the Indians. One can only imagine what they thought when they saw this weirdo dressing up in these outlandish Indian costumes. They probably thought he was nuts. Quite embarrassing when you consider that this is a country where around half the people have not yet mastered toilet use. If these people think you’re weird, than some serious self-reflection is needed.

It’s easy to see why he’s been mocked though. Just look at how weird these photos are. He even had his kids dress up in these strange costumes. His advisers should have had the sense to understand that this was not a good idea.

Editor’s Note: The question I have is how is this not considered patronizing and racist? Is he not belittling these people? Imagine if the leader of Japan came to America and the whole time he was here, he – and his entire family – wore a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and leather chaps? Would we not feel as if we were being mocked? Of course that analogy doesn’t really work, as we are not allowed to be offended by anything, but would anyone at all find that endearing on any level? Or would everyone just find it confusing and bizarre? -AA

Piling on to the poor wardrobe choices, was his delegation inviting a man who tried to kill an Indian politician to different events.

Global News:

No doubt Prime Minister Trudeau hoped his state visit to India would leave a lasting impression, but this debacle of a trip is certainly not what he had in mind.

Frankly, this has been such a PR nightmare that one need only to refer to “that India trip” and for the foreseeable future we’ll all know exactly what that means.

There are indeed multiple storylines to this fiasco, but the one that trumps all others by far is the fact that a man convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian politician in B.C. three decades ago, and who had previously belonged to a banned Sikh extremist group, was invited to separate events on the PM’s tour.

Trudeau’s trip to India has even received poor reviews in the mainstream Canadian press. It was a public relations disaster on all levels.

Canada needs to get this goof out of power immediately. They need a Canadian version of Donald Trump to emerge and they need it to happen quickly. Canada might not survive as a country if this weirdo is allowed to continue leading it.