Justin Trudeau Humiliates Canada Again During His Trip to India – Trudeau’s Son Might Be a Daily Stormer Reader

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2018

If you’d like, you could probably ignore this CBC video and just read the title. It says everything important.

Recently Trudeau went to India wearing a large amount of humiliating outfits and began acting like a massive cuck. He also invited a Sikh extremist to dinner, which is a massive blunder on his part. Seeing the Sikh really pissed off the street shitters, which would be funny and probably something to enjoy if the man wasn’t a giant cuck who did so without actually realizing this was a bad thing and apologizing after.

He also allegedly shit in an undesignated street, which is another major social blunder in India.

I didn’t check if this article was real or not. I’m going to assume it is.

There is one possibly good thing here though, when I googled a picture of this trip for the thumbnail of this article I found this photo. Look at Trudeau’s son.

He looks like he hates being here. You can tell he is thinking “God fucking dammit dad stop being such a faggot.”

I have hopes that maybe this lad is a true member of Generation Zyklon and is an avid Daily Stormer leader. One would assume that the children of literally the biggest cuck on the planet who lives in one of the most pozzed countries on Earth would either be a massive cuck himself, or absolutely despise everything about this kiked-out dystopia.