Justice Department has No Time to Prosecute Revolutionaries, Busy Burying Julian Assange

Well okay, now I understand why Attorney General William Barr can’t do anything about the mobs rioting and tearing down our entire history – he’s too busy dealing with the much more immediate problem of Julian Assange releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails.

This actually doesn’t even have anything to do with the Democrat emails, ostensibly. The new charges are related to some nonsense I’ve never even heard of to do with publishing something he got from LulzSec fed shill Sabu in 2012.

I don’t even know what this crap is.

Apparently, publishing anything the US government says is private materials is now some kind of serious crime, meaning that all forms of whistleblowing are de facto illegal.

Of course, while I’m certain that a lot of DOJ lawyers are enjoying establishing that whistleblowing is now illegal, this is all actually about punishing Assange for helping Trump win the 2016 election.

Trump’s government is openly serving as a destroyer of people who support Trump. Just like the entire Republican Party went along with the Russia hoax, even though it was so obviously just a scam designed to hurt the Republican Party. It’s their principles that they have to destroy America to harm themselves in the name of the Democrats.

I’m just… I’m trying to imagine how the DOJ is prioritizing this while they’re tearing down all of our monuments and no one has been arrested. It’s difficult to process.

Look, just ignore this.

Ignore everything happens with Trump, completely, and remember what Tucker said on Monday: this election is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden, this is a turning point in the history of civilization.

I mean Assange… this is killing me too. I feel about Julian like I feel about James Fields. Only with James Fields, the Trump Administration didn’t literally target him directly. Julian literally won Trump the election.

No good deed going unpunished.

Why Trump would not just pardon him, I have no idea. But he still hasn’t pardoned Roger Stone, has he then? Instead we have a stupid Roger Stone psychodrama for no reason because at any time Trump could just sign a paper and have him immediately walk out of jail, because the president can pardon anyone.

The only thing that matters is Trump winning. Right now, that is the single thing that matters.