#JustBlackPeopleThings: Kidnapped 3-Year-Old was Suffocated Before Thrown in Dumpster

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2019

These people are just.

You really just can’t even.

ABC News:

Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney, a 3-year-old girl whose body was found in a dumpster more than a week after she vanished from a birthday party in Alabama, died from suffocation, according to documents read during a court appearance for the man and woman charged in her murder.

The man, Patrick Stallworth, and the woman, Derick Brown, appeared before a judge on Friday at Jefferson County Criminal Court less than 24 hours after the district attorney announced that they each had been charged with capital murder in Kamille’s death.

Stallworth told the judge, “I don’t understand how I’m being charged with the murder of this child.”

According to court documents, Kamille died of asphyxiation on Oct. 12, the same day she went missing from an outdoor birthday party at a home in Birmingham. Police said the girl, known as “Cupcake,” was at the home with her mother and other relatives.

Her remains were discovered Tuesday in a dumpster at a landfill, ending an intense 10-day search for her.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick D. Smith said at a news conference Tuesday that he does not believe Stallworth and Brown knew Kamille or her family. As for a possible motive, the chief said he believes it was something the suspects “thought about and acted upon.”

“They saw an opportunity to take a young child, which they did,” Smith told reporters.

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What is the point of this child murder?

The police chief seems to understand the motive, what with his having said, “they saw an opportunity to take a young child, which they did.” This makes it sound as though there is a self-evident purpose in kidnapping and murdering a toddler.

You could understand the concept of “a woman saw an opportunity to steal a watch” or “a man saw an opportunity to rape a drunk woman,” because the motive is intrinsic in the act – the motive of theft is acquiring something of value, the motive of rape is sexual satisfaction.

But the intrinsic motive of kidnapping and murdering a toddler is… what?

Who is this sheriff “Police Chief Patrick Smith”?



So, apparently, the implication here is that kidnapping and murdering small children is just something that black people have a desire to do.

And other black people understand that they have this desire, in the same way that I as a white man am able to understand the goals of theft and rape.