Just Two More Weeks…

We’re almost there, guys.

Just two more weeks.

Actually, no one in the establishment is really suggesting that it is ever “going back to normal” anymore. As was predicted, mostly, we see them saying that coronavirus is a permanent crisis which will last forever and we just have to get used to it. If we take as many vaccines as possible, maybe we can temporarily have some of our inalienable rights back as “privileges.”

Also as predicted, the vax passport is being rolled in slowly in America, using private businesses rather than the cops as the primary enforcers, and this is largely making sure there are no major protests.

Masked women who have been coercively vaxed are instead protesting in the millions for their bodily autonomy, not with regards to masks or forced injections, but the right to kill infants.

Basically, the entire underlying logic of the system has collapsed to the point where no one is even trying to defend it, they’re just saying “shut up or we’ll punish you.”

That’s working. For now.