Just How Many Bidens are There?

You can talk about plastic surgery and weight loss all day long, but there is no way those two pictures are of the same person.

You cannot just totally change every part of your face, the shape of your skull, the placement of your ears, the distance between your eyes. And why would he even get the nose job? Facelift, sure. But what is the theory of why he would want to change his nose at the age of 74?

Furthermore, as is known, all of his mannerisms and facial expressions have changed. Dementia doesn’t cause that.

To be perfectly honest with you, I think it’s highly possible that there could in fact be a Third Biden.

This guy right here doesn’t even really look like the current Biden.

The argument I’ve been formulating is that by denying the third Biden, Two-Bideners are playing directly into the hands of One-Bideners.

I did not read “The Three Jokers.” I read a review and it sounded like the worst thing I’ve ever heard of. (For those who don’t know anything about comic books, which I think is 100% of my readership, this was a story that was supposed to clear up why the Joker had behaved in completely different ways throughout the last 80 years. He was really always three different people and Batman somehow never noticed. They were all working together as a team with different objectives.)

However, I also thought that it could well be a Masonic ritual intended to reveal the truth about the Bidens. All of the art for the books was filled with Masonic symbolism.

It’s certainly quite a strange coincidence.

Of course, I’m open to the theory that actually, Three-Bideners were brought in to discredit Two-Bideners as the One-Bidener story was coming totally unraveled.

But if there are three Bidens, that would make a lot of sense. And it would really imply that there could be many more.

There could be a Biden specifically designed to make this face:

The One-Bideners certainly can’t explain why a man would live his life for 70 years not making that face, then all of a sudden start doing it every seven seconds. No, “too tight of a facelift combined with trying to hold in your dentures” isn’t an answer for that face.

That’s on par with “senile old Joe – he sometimes forgets to put on his earlobes.”

I’ve talked to three plastic surgeons – none of them say a facelift can somehow suck off your earlobes. So according to the theory of One-Bideners, he would have had to have had his earlobes removed, on purpose.

“Hey, doc – while you’re doing my neck, just go ahead and trim my earlobes for me, would ya?”

“Sorry, Joe – earlobe removal is not a service we offer at this clinic.”

“C’mon, man! That’s a buncha malarkey, man! Cut my earlobes off, man! Go ahead and alter the shape of my tragus, helix crus, and antihelix as well while you’re at it, man!”

If The Duce wasn’t such a Dunce, we could all get to hear Jen Psaki say “Joe Biden, like many older people, sometimes forgets things. Sometimes, he forgets to put on his earlobes.”

The one other theory that I’m willing to entertain is that there was truly only one Biden up until maybe 2015. Then, they started making Biden prosthetics – rubber masks, basically – to allow anyone to become a Biden.

If anyone can become a Biden, then there are no true Bidens, then we’re effectively talking about a “No-Bidener” theory. Indeed, that’s what those who believe that anyone can be a Biden call themselves: “The No-Bidener Group.” I’ve come to agree that this is valid speculation.

Of course, even if we simply accept the standard Two-Bidener conclusion, it makes sense that they would have the Other Biden on ice somewhere to roll out when they need him for an important appearance. There’s no doubt that the other Biden was sharper.

Remember that “Lobes” Biden was used during the Democrat primaries. But then he had that bleeding eye issue.

So, it could be that the reason that “Sleepy” is out there in the first place is that “Lobes” is undergoing some kind of transformation, and will be brought back in later. It would make sense that if he was undergoing a serious brain treatment that he might start bleeding from the eyes.

The Bidens are all also likely instructed to make as many strange facial expressions as possible in order to create confusion about the shapes of their faces.

We all agree that there are at least two Bidens, maybe more. That sets us aside from the delusional One-Bideners, and puts us under the big tent of “Multi-Bideners.” We can discuss and debate, but we shouldn’t be fighting amongst ourselves.

At the very least, I think people can admit that “Masked Biden” might not even be a Biden at all.