Just Get the Damn Vax, Goy – This Fat Bitch Almost Died on a Ventilator!

There is a fat teenager with a message for you: get the deadly vax!


A Florida teen who spent 11 days on a ventilator after she contracted Covid-19 has a message for her peers and others.

“My message, technically is: If you’re eligible to get the vaccine, please do,” Paulina Velasquez told CNN from her home in Coral Gables, Florida. “I plan on getting vaccinated as soon as my doctor lets us know when I can.”

Paulina, 15, had intended earlier this summer to get vaccinated. But then she got a runny nose, and then came headaches. She lost her sense of taste and smell. Breathing became hard.

On July 11 she tested positive for the coronavirus. Less than a week later, the healthy, energetic high school sophomore was in a Fort Lauderdale hospital emergency room struggling to breathe normally.

It was very scary, she said.

Because her oxygen levels were low, doctors immediately put her on a ventilator.

“That was the scariest moment when they told me because I didn’t know what to expect,” Agnes Velasquez said. At first, she didn’t want her daughter on a ventilator but she was told her daughter’s condition could get worse.

This is what happens: people go into the hospital, sick with a cold or the flu, and they put them on ventilators, which usually result in death.

The Washington Post reported all the way back in April of 2020 that in New York, 88% of people put on ventilators died.

Putting people who have the flu on ventilators is a new policy, following along with the false claim by the Jewish media that this is a new virus.

We’ve known for 18 months that it doesn’t work and just kills people, but the hospitals are told by the CDC to do this, and they are financially incentivized by the federal government to do this. Medicare pays tens of thousands of dollars for every person a hospital puts on a ventilator.

I don’t believe that doctors are knowingly killing people on purpose, but the money definitely makes it easier to not ask questions about the success rate of the ventilators.

Yes, this bitch from the article is fat, but it is really just crazy to put any teenager on a ventilator because of the flu.

There is ZERO EVIDENCE that the coronavirus is IN ANY WAY different from the flu. They say it’s different because people lose their sense of smell (lol).

But do people normally keep their sense of smell when they have the flu? It sure seems like they would not, and it also seems like they would not be testing their sense of smell.

But let’s go ahead and do the “just the flu” test and do a Google search for “loss of smell flu” and set the search dates from before 2020.


Yes again!

Millions of results on the flu doing what the media claims is unique to the coronavirus!

Yet again!

Here’s the Mayo Clinic itself, which hilariously lists coronavirus 19 alongside both the cold and the flu as potential causes:

It makes sense that a stuffy nose would lead to a loss of smell!

It also makes sense that no one would have thought about that before, because you just generally don’t think about your sense of smell that much, and when you’re sick you’re definitely not going to be trying to smell things.

But they told everyone this smell thing, so now everyone that gets sick with a respiratory infection tests their sense of smell, and then believes in coronavirus as a unique disease that is not the flu.