Jury in Harvey Weinstein Trial Forced to Look at Pictures of His Weird Dick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

That’s an unironic yikes from me.

They really are just publicly humiliating Harvey Weinstein as much as is humanly possible. It’s kind of incredible to see Jews doing this to a fellow Jew. He must have really pissed off some big Jews behind the scenes.

It sure is hilarious though.

I don’t even understand what the point of passing around nude pictures of the guy is – both parties admit that they had sex. Their stories differ in that Harvey says every time they had sex it was consensual, while the bitch says that almost every time they had sex it was consensual but a couple of times it wasn’t.

No one is claiming that she hasn’t seen him naked. This isn’t a one-off rape case where the man is saying she never saw him naked so it is important for her to describe his genitals to prove she saw them. There is literally no conceivable explanation for having her describe his genitals at all, let alone passing around pictures of them.

NY Daily News:

Over the objections of the Oscar-winner’s defense, five photos of a naked Harvey Weinstein were passed around Tuesday to the Manhattan jurors considering the sexual abuse case against the disgraced Hollywood honcho.

The jurors were instructed to review each photo while holding them in a fashion where the crowd inside the courtroom couldn’t get a peek. Jurors No. 11 and 12 appearing to wince as they peered upon the images of a naked Weinstein, who showed no signs of owning a gym membership.

Weinstein, asked as he left the courtroom if the photos from June 18, 2018, were indeed full Harvey nudes, responded, “No, it was Playboy.”

The culture in New York is very alien to me. Apparently, everyone just acts like they’re in an episode of Seinfeld.

Witness Jessica Mann, who finished up her stint on the witness stand Tuesday, had previously testified about Weinstein’s deformed genitalia. According to her description, the man behind “Shakespeare in Love” and “Pulp Fiction” is without “a working penis.”

The 34-year-old Mann, in her second day of cross-examination, accused the movie maker as “my rapist” before acknowledging that the two shared an on-and-off consensual sexual relationship after he twice sexually assaulted her in 2013.

“I know the history of my relationship … it’s complicated and it’s difficult,” Mann testified one day after an emotional meltdown ended her Monday testimony. “I don’t need an excuse. I own my behavior.”



It just never ends!

“I don’t need to explain this to you! Only God can judge me!” – on the witness stand!

Defense attorney Donna Rotunno, hammering away at the witness, shouted at Mann about accepting a Weinstein invitation to a specific event: “Did you know it would look bad for you if you went to an event on Jan. 18th after you [claim] you were raped on Jan. 4th?

“Ma’am,” the witness replied, “this whole relationship was bad for me.”

Mann did acknowledge that her access to the Oscar-winning movie maker could be a positive thing when asked by Rotunno about reaching out to Weinstein for help with a 2016 business venture.

If convicted in the Manhattan trial, he faces the possibility of life in prison.

Weinstein insisted his sexual relationships with the women were consensual.

Mann, in her third day of testimony, regained her composure as Rotunno continued her intense questioning. On Monday, Mann began hyperventilating and weeping uncontrollably on the stand, leading Manhattan Supreme Court Justice James Burke to shut down testimony for the day.

Yeah, I’m sure it was totally real. Like all of the rest of her testimony.

Rotunno pointedly asked the witness about accepting a 2015 Oscar party invitation from “your rapist” Weinstein.

Mann, turning to face the jury of seven men and five women, declared, “I want the jury to know that he is my rapist and I hope I can continue to explain my dynamic, of why I continued to talk to him.”

Last week, under questioning by prosecutors, the former evangelical from Washington state graphically recounted alleged 2013 rapes by Weinstein at the DoubleTree hotel in Manhattan and at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Three years later, Mann and Weinstein were still engaging in consensual sex, the witness acknowledged under cross-examination.

She recalled that her last physical encounter with Weinstein followed the November 2016 death of his 90-year-old mother Miriam. His mom worked as a receptionist in her sons’ first office, and their company Miramax was named after parents Miriam and Max.

“He wanted to talk to me because I understood grief, and when I get there he’s naked on a bed and all he wanted to do was something sexual.” she recalled. “… I think he masturbated in the mirror and he put himself in my mouth.”

“And that was totally consensual but really sad, whereas two of the incidents were both really sad and not consensual.”


This is just completely insane. I don’t understand how this could have gone to trial. Harvey Weinstein is getting the James Fields treatment.

This bitch is literally saying that people should feel bad for her because she had sex with Harvey Weinstein and it was really disgusting. That’s what this all comes down to.

Never forget what these whores are: they will happily suck off Harvey Weinstein – possibly the most disgusting creature on planet earth, a man with no testicles and a penis that looks like a vagina – while continually rejecting the affection of normal young men who simply want to take care of them.

What would be shocking at this point is if the media was able to locate a woman who Harvey made advances on who rejected him.

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