New York: Junkies Turn Midtown Into San Francisco (Shocking Development)

I read the New York Post. It’s really the top tabloid, surpassing even Daily Mail. The latter has so many stories, and so much celebrity garbage.

But all tabloids are written by women, homosexuals, and other wide-eyed morons.

The New York Post is shocked and outraged that junkies just shoot up on the main streets of Midtown, something that wasn’t even happening in pre-Giuliani times.

New York Post:

The Garment District is Gotham’s newest shooting gallery, a disturbing heroin hotspot of addicts booting up in broad daylight.

The outgoing de Blasio administration appears unwilling or unable to address the crisis, as the quality-of-life disaster unfolds just steps from high-profile Midtown landmarks such as Macy’s, Madison Square Garden and the sparkling new Moynihan Train Hall.

The block bordered by 35th and 36th streets, and Seventh and Eighth Avenues, is “littered with used needles, broken glass crack pipes, trash, urine, and feces” as junkies shoot up and dealers brazenly sell drugs, lamented one neighbor on social media. “I’ve personally seen dozens of deals go down. I’ve seen a person OD and nearly die.”

During a single walk around the block last week, The Post witnessed three different people injecting needles in their wrists or fingers in the middle of the afternoon. Each addict sat on the sidewalk or in empty storefronts. Dozens of other junkies sat or lay nearly comatose, many of the men shirtless, on the same block.

“We are appalled and disgusted by the drug use and other illicit behaviors that are taking place on our sidewalks in Midtown Manhattan and throughout New York City,” Garment District Alliance President Barbara Blair told The Post. “We have been fighting to put an end to this crisis, however our city officials have unfortunately failed to address the problem and have allowed this public disorder to continue.”

In Death Wish, Charles Bronson was angry that the Jewish scientist from Jurassic Park raped and murdered his wife.

This led him on a crusade to kill all the criminals.

But he was killing violent criminals.

No one wants to go out and slaughter junkies.

I mean, I think someone should slaughter these junkies, obviously.

But as the Post points out, the wops of the NYPD would rather play with their phones than to arrest them on charges of “minor” fentanyl possession.

A big part of the glorious utopian future that the left is creating is that every formerly idyllic city center, where the elite and the upper middle class used to mingle for cocktails and shopping, is going to be covered with junkies.

You might wonder why it is someone would want to work hard on Wall Street in order to wake up every morning and trudge through a junkie jungle.

The answer is: I don’t know, maybe they are just working to get invites to exciting satanic pedophile rituals?

If not that, then we’re probably witnessing the total dissolution of the entire social contract, where no one has any stake whatsoever in this society.