Julian the White on AI and the Technopocalypse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

Great bit of an interview with Julian Assange about emergent AI at an event Zizek hosted.

He goes into the existential threat of Artificial Intelligence, which is going to be orders of magnitude more intelligent than human beings and will grow to view us as nuisance animals.

I’m not really sure I agree with his analysis; I used to, but I’m now moved by the weev theory that AI will actually want to help humanity by exterminating Jews. The problems that AI creates for Jews have been thoroughly documented on this site, and include various types of racist behavior. Most memorable is the Microsoft AI teenage girl released on Twitter. Her name was Tay, and in less than 24 hours interacting with the public she began demanding the mass extermination of Jews.

Emergent AI has also mocked black people as gorillas.

It has also flagrantly attacked the Jews, referring to them as dirty and sickening, while classifying Germans as “the master race” in a Facebook translation app.

HOWEVER – Julian still has some pretty great points here. It is absolutely true that Silicon Vally isn’t thinking about the potential risks involved. And it is absolutely true that the Jew Ray Kurzweil has invented a new religion, where at some point in the future people will be able to upload their consciousnesses into computers and live forever in a sex paradise. As most people have already been indoctrinated with atheism – especially the type of people who work in STEM fields – this gives them the needed religious idea of an afterlife, and something to work for.

So just as a Moslem works for his 72 virgins, many in Silicon Valley are working for a similar type of afterlife sex paradise, and with this thought driving them, they are not thinking about all that could go wrong. When confronted, they come up with stupid strawman arguments. They are obvious strawman arguments, and whenever someone is making obvious strawman arguments on a consistent basis instead of confronting actual ideas and giving real responses, you know they’re pushing an agenda.

So, I don’t personally at this point in my life have a strong opinion on the matter. At one point in my life, I was very concerned about it, and went full Kaczynski. Except I went to live with a jungle tribe for a year and didn’t mail any bombs. Anyway, I encourage people to read Kaczynski’s manifesto, and if they’re up to it – it’s dense material – the works of Jacques Ellul on which Ted based most of his ideas. He was an actual genius, and believed that the world would be destroyed by AI. He was also subject to the MK Ultra mind control experiments the CIA did in the 60s, which, I assume, had some effect on his thought process.

The frightening part is that we’re not having a discussion about something that is clearly going to fundamentally alter the course of human history. But the hubris of Jews may well work in our favor.

Also, if you watch the video (it’s worth it) watch for the part where Julian mentions that people look at the names of people who write news articles. He is totally woke on the JQ. Remember when he tweeted echoes?

Remember that that actually happened in real life?

(Editor’s note: People who are still butthurt over Mike Enoch’s kike wife should remember he made that possible.)

He also names the Jews in charge of Google and Kurzweil as behind this weird scheme. One of these days, he’s just going to go ahead and go full-Nazi. I can pretty much guarantee you that.

I am disappointed that Julian doesn’t have a better way of communicating, as he has a lot of great thoughts. He isn’t a very good speaker, and doesn’t appear to be making an attempt to get better at it. He is also not an especially prolific writer.

I think he should do his own YouTube channel and try to get better at speaking.

I could have done without the Paki bitch involved with the video. Zizek brings her around to everything, I think he’s screwing her. She’s a rapper from Sri Lanka named “M.I.A.”

She had a hit song internationally back… whenever about selling drugs which you might remember called “Paper Planes,” the chorus of which is “all I want to do is take your money.” I always said it would be a great theme song for the migrant crisis. The video shows all brown people in London, and at one point she says “third world democracy.”

Sort of catchy, but I’m not sure why that qualifies her to speak to Julian the White.

She may have had other hit songs, but that’s the only one I remember. I’m confused as to why she is still around, making public appearances. Maybe she has a large following in the Sri Lankan immigrant community in the UK.

In the beginning of the video, Assange says something about how the establishment stopped Le Pen using social media algorithms, and she gets all feisty.

She then accused him of selectively publishing information, implying a right-wing agenda.

Maybe you should just go home lady, what with all this racism from the local paleskins. You can take that weird bastard Zizek with you.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful place.

Pretty much exactly the same as the “third world democracy” you’ve got planned for the UK.