Julian Assange Expected to Be Evicted From Ecuadorian Embassy!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

The siege of Julian Assange might be coming to an end.


Supporters of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are making their voices heard, despite the institutions united to silence them, after reports that the WikiLeaks founder will be expelled from the Ecuadorean embassy in “hours to days.”

A live feed of the front of the Ecuadorean embassy in London shows several tents pitched around the entrance as supporters stand vigil for the besieged journalist, who has become little more than a prisoner in the embassy in which he sought political asylum seven years ago. “NO EXPULSION” is spelled out in LED lights on the sidewalk in front of the embassy, while numerous cameras are positioned across the street.

They have a live stream going at time of writing. No tents. The coast is clear.

The pro-Assange people must have been cleared off the sidewalk in the night.

WikiLeaks tipped the public off to Assange’s pending expulsion – within “hours to days,” according to a high-level Ecuadorean source – on Thursday, confirming that the Ecuadorean government would use the release of the INA Papers, which implicate President Lenin Moreno and his family in extensive corruption, as a pretext for revoking his asylum.

The part about the arrangement with the UK is key.

Once the UK gets its hands on Assange, they can then just pass him on to the US.

Ecuador couldn’t hold out forever. We don’t know the details yet, but the pressure was put to bear on them and eventually, the country cracked. This is a different administration from the one that initially granted Assange asylum.

In theory, Assange could have gone to Russia, but WikiLeaks wasn’t very nice to Russia back in the day either.

It seems like Julian Assange burned all his bridges, in retrospect.

Campaign Trump seemed amenable to WikiLeaks.

President Trump, however, not so much.

It seems like it happened in an alternate timeline, but there was once even talk of arresting Hillary and “locking her up!” over the WikiLeaks emails/server debacle.

By sounding the alarm, WikiLeaks may have bought Julian Assange some time. Could be nothing happens today. We’ve had false alarms before.

This is all happening like the Illuminati card playing deck prophesied it would: