Julian Assange Arrested in London! Indicted by US!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

12:03 PM

Morning is over and Donald Trump still hasn’t commented on his vile conspiracy against Julian Assange.

Instead, he spent the morning tweeting about how much people love him – presumably fake polls (how could he ever be over 50%? everyone I talk to who used to love him hates him because he’s flooding America with brown people).

They are putting these fake polls out there to stroke his ego and make him believe that people love him for bringing in more immigrants than any time in history to work in his fantasy factories that don’t even exist.

And he continues to pretend that Tucker Carlson supports his sickening agenda to destroy America – even though he does not.

Trump needs to come out and give America and the world an explanation as to why he is launching a brutal attack on a free information activist, while he continues to do nothing about the media in America lying to the people, even after they’ve been caught in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow HIM by hoaxing a Russian hoax.

Tucker needs to go on tonight and call Trump out for this.

Julian Assange should be allowed – and is allowed, under international law – to claim asylum in Russia.

10:32 AM

Heroic NSA spook and Russian conspiracy hoaxer James Clapper is happy that the evil Russian agent Assange has finally been taken down.

But Donald Trump still hasn’t commented on his conspiracy against Julian Assange – one of the most important people who helped him win the 2016 election, who he is paying back for his help by completely destroying.

Trump obviously could have just let this ride. Assange was in the embassy – so whatever. Leave him there. Don’t do anything.

Instead, he is once again out to prove just how much he isn’t a Russian agent.

Earlier this month, Tulsi Gabbard pointed out that CNN was trying to bully Trump into starting a war with Russia to prove he isn’t a Russian agent.

This Assange crucifixion is all Mike Pompeo’s show. But it was sold to Trump when the media was still pushing the Rosenstein pissgate hoax.

So even with the Mueller report finished, and no one seriously believing in that theory anymore, apparently someone convinced Trump that it was necessary for him to prosecute Assange in order to again prove he isn’t a KGB agent.

9:44 AM

The indictment has been made public. It was filed in Virginia, and alleges that Assange engaged in a conspiracy with Bradley Manning to hack the US military in 2010.

That was the first big Wikileaks dump, where a bunch of information about the military was published after being sent to Wikileaks by to now-tranny Manning.

I have never heard it alleged before that Manning worked directly with Assange. It has always been said – I believe even in the Manning trial – that Manning stole the documents and sent them to Assange.

The reason they are going back to that case is obviously because they have no evidence relating to anything to do with the 2016 drops relating to Hillary Clinton. This is basically an admission of that, even though they’ve repeatedly claimed that Assange worked with Russia to hack these emails.

7:12 AM

Julain’s lawyer has confirmed this was done on the behest of the Trump Administration.

6:01 AM 

Well, it’s finally happened.

This morning, Julian was humiliatingly dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy where he’d been living since 2012 and tossed into a police van.

Police were invited to the embassy by the Ecuadorians to make the arrest in a planned operation.

The police announced the arrest as it was happening.

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno posted a video explaining his decision to turn over Assange to the British ZOG.

He says:

The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange. He installed electronic and distortion equipment not allowed. He blocked the security cameras of the Ecuadorian mission in London. He has confronted and mistreated guards. He had accessed the security files of our embassy without permission. He claimed to be isolated and rejected the internet connection offered by the embassy and yet he had a mobile phone with which he communicated with the outside world.

While Ecuador upheld the generous conditions of his asylum, Mr Assange legally challenged in three difference instances the legality of the protocol. In all cases the relevant judicial authorities have validated Ecuador’s position in line with our strong commitment to human rights and international law.

I requested Great Britain to guarantee that Mr Assange would not be extradited to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty. The British government has confirmed it in writing, in accordance with its own rules.

Finally, two days ago, Wikileaks, Mr Assange’s allied organisation, threatened the government of Ecuador. My government has nothing to fear and does not act under threats. Ecuador is guided by the principles of law, complies with international law and protects the interests of Ecuadorians.

British Foreign office minister Alan Duncan issued this statement:

It is absolutely right that Assange will face justice in the proper way in the UK. It is for the courts to decide what happens next.

We are very grateful to the government of Ecuador under President Moreno for the action they have taken.

Today’s events follow extensive dialogue between our two countries. I look forward to a strong bilateral relationship between the UK and Ecuador in the years ahead.

Assange is ostensibly being charged over a rape hoax in Sweden, where he allegedly had sex with a woman without a condom while tricking her into thinking he was wearing a condom. Seriously, that is the charge.

Of course, everyone knows that this is a hoax, set up to deport him to the US where he will be charged with… whatever.

“Hacking democracy for Russians” or something.

It will be absolutely disgusting to watch Trump attack him over releasing the Clinton emails. But he has to do that, because Jared has convinced him that the most important role he has as president is to continue, forever, to prove that he isn’t a Russian agent.

It’s rather obvious that Assange isn’t a Russian agent either, but this is all about pandering to the media hoax.

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine anything more dehumanizing than that arrest video.


This is clearly the beginning of a saga that will last a long time. But we can expect comment on it from Trump and the rest of the gang today.

We’ll keep you updated.